Life is not a Test

There are many of you right now who feel that you are being tested, being pushed to prove something to the ‘all that is’ and I wanted to say that truly you are not.

This is not a test, we are not testing you. We are only loving and supporting you on your journeys. We are aware that things are difficult, demanding, challenging right now for you all, and I want you to know that it is not some grand ‘test’ to see if you are worthy or good enough to evolve to the next level in your own evolution. Actually the apparent difficulties right now are not put there by us, but created by humanity itself, this is the divine dichotomy of the universe’s concept of free will. You have free will to do what you wish whilst in this incarnation, and right now that free will is taking you down some blind alleys and reaching the inevitable dead ends.

So what can you do about the apparent difficulties you are facing? Well, first of all you can start to make some more conscious choices. Right now many of you are caught in the sticky web of fear, fear of losing your job, fear of not having enough to get by, fear of losing your home, fear of failing somehow. When you are caught in the web of fear it is almost as if you are paralysed by fear’s grip and the decisions and choices that you make are subconscious rather than conscious. There is no thought in the choices you are making only passive automatic learned responses. Once you become aware and more conscious of your choices, the likelihood is that you will make different choices. THAT is when your life will begin to change, THAT is when we your angels and the universe itself can step in and begin to lend a hand.

You see we cannot interfere when you are caught in the illusion of separateness and yet as soon as you make conscious choices and become active in your own life decisions at that point a bridge appears between our two worlds. You at that very point become the co-creator of your life and we can then help to shape and carve a new path of purpose together with you.

If you are feeling stuck right now, if you are finding life hard or difficult, the likelihood is that it is time to THINK more consciously about the choices you are making. Are you working because you fear losing your job? Or are you working because you love what you do? Are you fearful about not having enough money? Or are you noticing that you have enough to get by?

There are two sponsoring thoughts when it comes to life on your planet the first is LOVE and the second is FEAR. When you become more conscious of the choices you are making in your life, ask yourself, is this thought, this choice being made from FEAR or from LOVE? Then you have a choice.. and you have an opportunity to create a different version of your life.

You are the creator!

And we, are your helpers.. You are Michealangelo designing and painting the sistine chapel – a work of genius I am sure most of you would agree.. but do you think Michaelangelo painted every brush stroke? Mixed every colour? Drew every line? No, of course he did not, he had many assistants and helpers that helped him to create his masterpiece. Your life is your masterpiece, and WE your angel are your assistants, your helpers. We can help you create the most wonderful life for yourselves, if you would only let us.

Do you believe that you can have what you want?

Do you believe that you CAN design and create the life you want?

THAT dearest ones is the best use of FREE WILL, using it to create a life that allows you to shine, allows you to be the truth of who you really are in all that you do..

So know that I and your angels are with you every step of the way. Holding you, loving you, supporting and guiding you. All my love, Emmanuel xxxx

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