Christmas greetings you wondrous Angel you!

At this festive time of year, it is a time for family, for joy, for love. It’s also a time to be thankful for all that you have, and be generous in your giving not just to your own nearest and dearest, but for those that do not have what you have.

Remember not just in your prayers but in your actions and your deeds this Christmas time those that perhaps do not have enough to eat, or do not have a roof over their heads – Those that are on the street this Christmas with only a doorway to call home and a few personal possessions to call their own.

So this Christmas, why not forgo that extra present and give a warm drink, a friendly smile, a meal, a bit of your time to someone who is in need.

Christmas is about family, but it also about your wider family – the soul family, the family that is called your community – not all of whom are safe and loved tonight. Put aside just a small amount of money and just a small amount of your time to be with and to help those that are not as loved and safe and cared for as you. Do not walk past them, stop and be with them – if you have a local food bank or soup kitchen, why not offer a little or yours and your families time? – it will remind you and your family of the true meaning of Christmas and it will also remind you of just how loved you all are and will bring you closer together in that LOVE.

LOVE is for everyone – YOUR LOVE is the greatest gift you can give. So GIVE THAT LOVE FREELY ANYWAY YOU CAN THIS CHRISTMAS.

You’ll be so glad you did, this I promise.

Have a wonderful festive period all of you, and know we are with you every single day. All my love Emmanuel xxx

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