I come to speak to you today as a messenger of wonderful news. I want to blow away the bastion of fear that is death, and remind you that death is not an end it is a beginning.

Love cannot die, and so therefore that which IS LOVE cannot die. You are love, made manifest and as such you cannot die either. Sure you may drop your physical form, but that is just beginning of the next transformation to being formless (your natural state by the way) and merge back into the ALL THAT IS.

Dying is a joyful experience for the soul – it knows that it is coming home. You are being absorbed back into LOVE, consumed by LOVE, dissolved in LOVE – that which was, becomes what IS – the ALL THAT IS – once again and so the cycle of creation and life is complete and it all begins again.

Death is not something to be feared it is something to be embraced – think of the most wonderful LOVING HUG you ever had, the biggest LOVE you ever experienced, that all encompassing and unconditional LOVE that you just want to melt into and lose yourself in it’s so wonderful to be in – now times that by 1,000 – and now you have some inkling of what the experience you call death is like.

All my love Emmanuel xxxx

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  1. Stephen Cronin January 9, 2019 at 8:25 am #

    Are you able to give more detail about the process of dying, what the human being actually experiences,who do they meet, where do they go? Is it possible for them to come back in a dream or something like that to tell us they are ok?

    • Emmanuel February 21, 2019 at 10:35 am #

      Of course! The process of leaving your body (for in truth it is only your physical body that dies) is unique for everyone as you have had a unique human adventure and each storyline has it’s own ending. However there are some common traits, first of all – (what you call) death is not a painful process, it is merely a release, of the most beautiful kind! It is gentle but also totally freeing for now you are totally FREE. Who you wish to be greeted by as you leave your body, the being (or beings) that will make you feel most safe in that transition back into formlessness is who will be there. There will be a review, a little ‘this was your visit on earth this time around’ so that you can experience your life as a life-long learning experience and perhaps pick up some of the subtleties that perhaps you didn’t pick up when you were in form. Of course there is so MUCH LOVE, because now you ARE THAT LOVE – And then.. we celebrate! We celebrate your return and together we dance into eternity. Can you return? Yes of course! You will always be able to answer the call of LOVE as it comes from those that LOVE you. LOVE is all powerful and LOVE never dies. So yes, this maybe in dreams or this maybe in the sense of a ‘presence’ that is with you. Remember that once you leave your bodies you can be at multiple places at once for you are no longer restricted by time or place or physical constraints! So you can be both HOME and with those you LOVE when they call upon you. Some choose to stay close for some time, and others know that when they are needed when they are called upon in LOVE they can return and be with you. I hope this answers your sweet question, and of course you can always talk with me further as this is not a small topic and I am always happy to talk further about it! Sending you much love, Emmanuel xxx

  2. Rob Zucker February 15, 2019 at 5:10 am #

    Dear Emmanuel,
    I met you and Pat about 37 years ago when Pat lived in Connecticut. It was a profound experience to be in your presence. I’ll always be grateful to you. My then girlfriend Andrea, who later became my wife, introduced me to you both. You helped me see that this beloved woman, Andrea, was my soul mate. You and Pat attended our wedding at The Pathwork Center in Phoenicia, NY.

    Andrea left her body on April 30, 2017 – we were married just about 34 years. It has been very hard living on without her – we were deeply in love, my friend.

    I want you to know that on New Year’s Day- just about 6 weeks ago- I met a woman named Teresa and we’ve fallen in love. What a remarkable and wonderful thing this is.

    You told me the first time we met that you saw me walking around with beautiful diamonds falling off my body – as if I was unable to appreciate my many gifts – ignoring my beauty – underestimating my abilities and my power. You saw me, dear friend, and you, along with Andrea, helped me to see myself.

    I hope that someday Teresa and I can meet with you and Jo. Until then, I want to thank you for helping me find true love and deep compassion.

    • Emmanuel February 21, 2019 at 10:11 am #

      Dear angel brother,
      trust me the pleasure is all mine! How we are all dancing to celebrate your new found love not just with your beloved(s) but also with your own dear sweet self. It has indeed been quite a journey, but one where we celebrated with you every step of the way, not just me by the way but all the angels that walk with you, of which there are not an inconsiderable number now! – not least of which is your own dear sweet soul mate (for she is now an angel too as you well know and cheering you on absolutely!) It would be wonderful for us to reconnect (although you know we are already connected) so if you would like to do that, just get in touch with my channel and we’ll arrange a date! Sending you much much love brother, Emmanuel xxx

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