Don’t make it hard work..

There is a general misunderstanding that in order to be spiritual you must ‘work hard’ at it. This quite simply put is a fallacy. If you think that you must be austere with yourself be that in thoughts word or deed/practice then I am sorry to say but you are ‘doing’ it wrong!

Firstly the spiritual journey is not designed to be hard! Yes there are challenges along the way and lessons to take on board but it’s not designed to be hard it is designed to be the easy path. Already I hear your minds go into flux

‘but Emmanuel surely we must work on ourselves to attain enlightenment? Is that not what all the holy books say?’

No! You do not need to work on yourselves you need to LOVE yourselves! THE most important spiritual ‘work’ (and we would much rather you called it play by the way!) you have to do is to fall completely and utterly head over heels in love not with another but with your own dear sweet selves. Then when you are full to the brim with self-love THEN you will discover that life and the spiritual journey are not hard work but blissful and joyful. Laughter will become your soundtrack as you dance through life.

Will their be tough and demanding days? Of course because the human adventure will always have its ups and downs and sometimes you need kicks to grow. But you know when you are in that place called love with yourself it is amazing how much simpler and easier life becomes.

Many ‘teachers’ will tell you that the spiritual path is a difficult one that requires dedication, graft and practice practice practice! But I say that all you need do is practice loving you, all of you.. The good bits, the bad bits, the crazy bits, the emotional bits, the wrinkly bits, the wobbly bits.. Love all that you are because all that you are is very special indeed and when you love yourself fully? Then you become enlightened.. Literally ‘with light’ because your inner light, will be beaming forth for you are a being of light and so nothing is more simple or more easy than being enlightened!!

I love you, and so do your angels! ? Emmanuel xxxx


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