Being An Angel in the ‘Real World’

There is a misconception on your planet that your aim is to become pure angels, to strive with dedication and virtue towards an idealised almost god-like perfection. Yes, there are some on your planet to whom this is an realisable goal, they are your great saints and sages. I wish however to give you a different perspective. 

Maybe it is not your job to be perfect.. maybe it is not your job to be perfection. Maybe a point has been missed, maybe you are being too hard on yourselves, and maybe it is time to get ‘real’ and be just a little kinder to yourselves! 

You see your human existence is not meant to be a test, it is not meant to be hard work, it was meant in order to bring you joy and excitement and adventure! So give up on being perfect, there are no happy perfectionists! And start LIVING. 

Yes you are an angel but you are also a human being with all the wonderful imperfections being human brings. Embrace your imperfection, and embrace the beauty that is within you.

It is not your job to shy away from the world, to lock yourself in a cave up in the mountains and sit cross legged and find god. God is within you, it is your own dear sweet angel self, the ‘real you’ if you will. But this ‘real you’ is not something to be perfected, IT is already perfect. It is your job, your role, your mission to see how you can serve your real you, your angel self and still be human living in this, at times all too ‘real’ human world. 

You see being an angel in the ‘real world’ is EXACTLY why you were incarnated. It is not your job to fight the world, to escape it, it is your job to live IN it, to be IN it and through your being in it, to transform it. 

You see you were born with great gifts and skills and talents that you just can’t see yet, because you’re not looking for them in the right place.. Just look within. 

That’s right, look within now. 

See that inner glow, that light emanating from inside your chest? 

It is your heart, dearest one, your spiritual heart. There in lies all that you are looking for, all that you yearn for.. it is the essence of you. 

The angel self. 

To bring that sweet essence with you into your lives, THAT is what it is to be human and angel combined. That is what this life is all about. Yes there will be ups and there will be downs, but that is what makes the journey so interesting dearest ones. 

Just imagine for a moment of a world and life that was perfect.. Oh, how dreadfully dull it would be. How monotonously perfect… 

Where is the excitement? the adventure? The JOY??!! – now that’s what being human and angel is all about, doesn’t it sound exciting? Doesn’t it sound just GREAT?

So live your life, yes! Just bring a little piece of the real you, that angel you with you.. let the essence of you infuse into all of your life, and before you know it, being an angel in the ‘real world’ – well, it will be just who and what you are!!

All my love, Emmanuel xxxx

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