Being “Self-ish”

In your world there is a tendency to put off anything that is about you, and for just you. There are always, it would appear, more important people than you on your list. Your children, your family, your parents, your friends, your work colleagues, your partners.. But really there should be noone more important on your list than YOU. Why? Because you and your mission, your own self-exploration are vital, not only for you but for all those that you currently put above you on your ‘to do list’.

So dearest ones I am encouraging you to be more ‘Self-ish’!

Yes you read me correctly, I am saying that YOU are more important than anyone else.. WHY? Because if you start to believe that, if you start to really fall back in love with your-Self then you will be all the more wonderful and wondrous to be around. Not only that but you will be able to BE there for others on a whole new level. Not out of a necessity or because you have prioritised them over your-Self but because it feels so natural to share and to help once your Love has been filled up to the brim!

So take a moment.. take it now dear, sweet angel to give your-Self a little time and a little love. Give yourself a taste of the wondrous feast of love that you lay out for others to feed upon. Feed your-Self first, and no-one will ever go hungry ever again.

You see when you are truly Self-ish you are being of service to your-Self so that you might be of better service to all. Change this one small thing, and you serve not only those around you, but the planet as a whole. Change your-Self, and you change the world. – All my love, Emmanuel xxx

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