There will be some of you right now who are suffering from a broken heart. I want you to know, that a broken heart is not as bad a thing as it feels right now. When a heart breaks, it is breaking only so that it might increase its capacity to love. Yes, it hurts, yes there will be pain, loss and emotional ups and downs – this is natural when one’s heart is breaking. However, know that a heart never gets smaller, only ever BIGGER. It is perhaps one of the most profound ways to shift and evolve yourself in your adventure in being human. It is also an invitation to fall back in love with YOURSELF.

When you lose another’s love, another’s company, it is an opportunity to reconnect with the love that is within you, and all around you. A reminder that, although it is wonderful to be ‘in love’ with another, the most important love of all is that which you show and give to yourself. We invite you now to spend a moment in the heart-break, and see that as the heart breaks so the love that is held within it is spilling out into YOU, becoming a part of you. All that once which was given to another, can now be given to yourself, to YOU. Why? Because love is the greatest healer, the greatest medicine of all. You feel sick inside, you feel hurt, you feel pain – let the love that is within your heart pour into you, merge into you, heal you, dissolve the pain and help your heart to heal and grow. I am not saying that there will not be days, weeks ahead that will be challenging, but know that whatever comes, that we will be with you. Your angels are there for you to reach out to too! So do invite them in each morning, ask them to be with you and to help you heal each and every day! Do ask them each night to surround you in their healing wings’ embrace, that is what they are here for. To hold you in the love that you are, to love you until your heart is healed. 

You will love again, and when you do, your capacity to love will not have diminished but indeed your capacity to love will have increased! That is the wonder of the heart, that is the magical nature of LOVE. 

All my love, Emmanuel x

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