Many of you reading this will be wondering, how can an angel understand the dance of human relationships? Well, once upon a time I too was in human form, I too chose human adventures, I too was just like you. There is a misunderstanding that angels are separate, different, removed from the human experience, and it is true that SOME are. Some were never destined to have a human incarnation, but others like myself have been through the cycles of human incarnation, have experienced the wonderful adventure of what it is to be in form and therefore have an understanding of what it is to be human. 

One of the wonders of the human experience is the wonder of human relationships. Your personal relationships are an opportunity to truly explore what LOVE is and are purposefully designed into the human adventure, so that everyone gets to experience LOVE – whatever their story is in this lifetime. 

LOVE is a part of everyone’s story. If you are in a human incarnation it is a core of your curriculum, like English or Mathematics at your schools, you cannot avoid it, it is always there, because LOVE is the most important keys to understanding and appreciating life itself. 

LOVE teaches in its absence and in its presence. If you felt unloved as a child, then that absence of love means that you seek it out, you yearn to find that love in other ways, in other relationships throughout your lifetime. If you had the opposite experience and were truly loved as a child, then you seek to replicate and share that love with others and perhaps you will indeed share that love with someone who felt unloved as a child.

LOVE is they key that unlocks the secrets of what it is to live and be alive. The dance of human relationships, be that parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, brother/sister, husband/wife, friends, lovers, or beloveds, IS the only dance there is. Sometimes the dance is in sync, flowing, moving effortlessly across the dancefloor, and other times it is out of sync, stilted, and you find yourself stepping on your dance partner’s toes. Always, relationships are a great opportunity to learn and grow, to understand at a deeper level the truth of who you are.

The secret to being a good dancer, is to practice, practice, PRACTICE. Exploring and growing your relationships, exploring and growing your ability to love and be loved, is the fastest way to a happier and more fulfilling life – it’s the best way to be a great dancer. 

Not everyone reading will have someone to call their love, their beloved. Not everyone will have their dance partner, but that does not mean you cannot dance, cannot experience what it is to be dancing across the stage of life, to be swept up in the beauty of love, the dance of LOVE. Love comes in many shapes and many forms. Relationships do too. 

So do what you can to extend and grow your relationships and, in doing so, you extend and grow the possibilities to love and be loved. Love is all around you, it is in you, it IS YOU. 

Dear sweet angel, I am here to remind you to keep on dancing, keep on exploring and growing your human relationships, and who knows? The next dance might be the one where you find your beloved, find a new friend, or connect even for a moment, in a way that transcends, that goes beyond the dance, beyond separation and connects you both to the deepest LOVE of all. 

All my love, Emmanuel x

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