At the moment upon your planet there is a busyness that is astounding. From where I am it seems as if you are busy busy little bees, but unlike bees there is not much purpose to the busyness, just a habit of being busy! The faster you go, the more you feel you have to do, the more caught up you get in the illusion of it all.

It’s time to stop, take a break, reflect and recognise that perhaps being busy isn’t the answer, maybe it’s time to be more in tune with this amazing vehicle which you were born into. YOUR HUMAN BODY.

So many people seem to want to escape their bodies, up and out into the spiritual, forgetting that in order to function in your world it is important to be IN IT and be IN YOUR BODIES. Those that are in their bodies seem to have their body’s communication channels turned down, almost on mute, so that it makes it easy to keep busy and ignore the messages that are coming all the time from your bodies. Messages like : ‘I’m hungry’, “I need to have a rest now”, “I can’t take in any more information”, “I’m getting sick”, “I just want to stop and sit down”, “I need to get up and move around”.

Your physical body is not an accident of a design, it is PERFECTLY designed to enable you to function and excel in the human adventure, this world in which you live. It is constantly giving you feedback, telling you what is going on both inside and around you. But if you do not listen, if you listen only to the voice in your head repeating the mantra to keep going ‘faster’ and ignoring what your body is telling you, then you are fast forwarding to nowhere in particular and doing yourselves a lot of physical and mental damage in the meantime.

Your body has a built in feedback loop system, it tells you all the time what is going on, what it needs, what it wants, what is necessary to keep it well maintained, in good health and good spirit – a happy body will bring a happier mind and a happier life. A happy body, ensures that your spiritual self is able to grow and express itself more fully and to shine more brightly.

So look after the vehicle in which you came, because without this vehicle to take you to your destination (to uncover the truth of who you are) it will be a long, painful walk home!

So why not stop now.. yes, right now as you are reading this. What is your body telling you RIGHT NOW? Is it telling you to stop? Is it telling you to take a break? Is it telling you it needs feeding? That it needs to move? That it needs something green and wholesome? That it needs to be out in the sunshine? That is has an itch just at the place you can’t reach? What is it saying? – If you find that you can’t hear it when you try to – using the power of your imagination imagine seeing the volume switch for your body before you.. turn the volume up! Take it off MUTE and then you will be able to hear it more clearly!!!

It is important to find and create time in your everyday to stop and check in with your body. Your body is wiser than you give it credit for, and when you listen to it, you will be amazed at the information and wisdom that it holds! So don’t delay, let today be the day that you listen to what your body is telling you. You’ll be glad you did

– all my love Emmanuel xxx

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