Remembering where you put your angel’s wings

Dearest ones as I have told you many times you are of course angels in human form. Your job is not to be perfect or purely divine, it is to bring together the angel and human into one..

To function within your reality it is important to follow ones heart, and be the truth of who you are, but also to pay your bills that need to be paid. It is not one or the other it is both.. And so you are both.

Both an angel and a human.

So, I hear you saying “well Emmanuel where is the trick you promised for remembering where I put my angel wings?” – I have just given it to you.

Stop trying to be perfect, stop putting yourselves down, you are doing WONDROUS work you brilliant angel you! We marvel at you and the amazing things you do in difficult circumstances right now on your planet. So keep the faith and celebrate your human frailties in all their glory.

Please, give yourselves a break and let yourselves off, and then it will be much more easy to remember where you put your angels wings.

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