I know that right now many of you may be struggling with self-isolation. Some of you will have families around you, but many will feel as if they are alone. So, I am writing today to remind you that NONE of you are EVER alone.

There are angels that walk with every single one of you. If you are reading this, I promise you that your guardian angel is there with you, and probably leaning in over your shoulder and reading this too!

You see each child that is born on your planet comes with its own personally assigned angelic guardians and you, are no different. Sure, you may not see your angel as you did when you were a small child (do you remember how you used to play together?) but they have gone nowhere they are still there with you.

Your guardian angel or angels (for some of you will have more than one) are there with you (and only you) for the duration of your entire human adventure. They are there to help, support & guide you, there to call upon when you need them.

As the world that you live in becomes more ‘real’ for you, so the distance between our realms widens as you accept the illusionary world as real, so other worlds disappear from view. But I come with wonderful news – because I am here to tell you that:

  1. yes we ARE HERE and that you are not alone
  2. that you CAN reconnect with us anytime you wish to

“Well HOW DO we connect with our angels Emmanuel?”  – I am glad you have asked, for it is much simpler than you think!

The first thing to understand is that the world you live in and the spiritual realms are not as far apart as you have been taught to understand. There are times of day and night when the walls between our world and yours are especially thin and it is easier for us to be together, easy for us to converse – the bridge between our worlds is LOVE – and so when you call to us in the VOICE OF LOVE, then we are able to cross that bridge and be with you.

So, to keep things very simple we would suggest that in the morning as you arise simply say (out loud if you can):

‘Good morning my angels’ – Then stop to listen, do you hear our response? Do you feel our presence?

Then invite us into your day, it is this invitation that allows us to be with you and to help, guide and support you. Say something like:

“Be with me today my angels, I invite you in to help, guide and support me to be my very best. Help me be an ambassador of love and on mission and purpose today – thank you”

And here is the wonderful part! Simply by doing that, by consciously and lovingly inviting us in, so then you can know with confidence that whatever happens in that day happens for a reason – you can have no doubt in that, for we will be with you every step of your day.

As I mentioned earlier the space between our worlds are thin as you drift off to sleep too – so this again is a good time to reach out to your angels. Had a good day? How about saying a little ‘thank you my angels for being with me today’?

Had a not so good day? – How about asking your angels to help you understand and process the day and be with you through the night so that you wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

Had a day that has left you drained and exhausted? Then why not ask your angels to wrap their wings around you and to take you home, to recharge, refuel and refresh?

We are here for you, for it is you that we are HERE FOR.

We cannot be anywhere else, but by your side and the more you acknowledge us, the more you reach out to us, and call to us IN LOVE the more visible and tangible will be the angelic, support and guidance (and yes, communication!) will be for you.

So even if you are by yourself in this time of lockdown, you truly are not alone. And what better time than now to begin to gently build the bridge of LOVE between our worlds – to reconnect with your guardian angels and help us to help you to have a life on mission and on purpose.

We love you and look forward to reconnecting and speaking to you soon!

All my love Emmanuel (and of course YOUR GUARDIAN ANGELS) xxx


  1. Ross & Nads June 2, 2020 at 2:38 pm #

    Beautiful. Thank you Emmanuel.

  2. Teresa Weybrew June 2, 2020 at 2:53 pm #

    I asked for help – and it came <3
    Thank you