Emmanuel, What do we take from what is currently going on in the world with the corona-virus pandemic?

The incidents that are now occurring are to make you aware of just how joined up your planet is, how it is impossible to not be interdependent of one another to break down barriers and borders between countries not re-enforce them. To unite humanity under a common cause, one that has no visible enemy for that is important.

You are being asked to unite in a way that ensures a greater well-being for the entire planet and its population going forwards. To highlight the need for resources of all sorts to be shared, to highlight the errors in how economic models and health systems have been managed, structured and funded. It is not until you have such a catastrophic and massive event such as this that you can see just how fragile the systems are that you have in place – How impossible it is to match capacity with need when everyone is in need.

There is also a reminder here that as human beings you are united in a biology if nothing else – you are all human beings no matter what colour, what creed, what sexuality or nationality you have.

Consider it a reminder also of the fragility of the global system itself and of the human population – I am not saying this to scare you, I am merely saying is it not time to understand that the ecology of the planet and the ecological issues you are facing are very real threats as highlighted by this pandemic? You are not as secure as you thought you were, for this type of infection crosses all borders and is an unknown to ALL of science – and makes you aware of the weaknesses in your own systems. It is a wake-up call in this case, to break down barriers in international scientific research & economic co-operation – to work together and share resources for the betterment of all human-kind.

It is also a reminder that you are ALL ONE and an invitation to re-engage compassion, kindness, generosity and LOVE. There will be many that will suffer, but there will be an even greater number for whom this will be a ‘bringing together’, a reminder of your common bonds, your common values, your common humanity.

Perhaps then you will not be able to tolerate in the same sense the economic and social injustices that are prevalent not just in your country but across your planet. Perhaps you will say that it is not ok for someone to have to sleep without a roof over their heads or go hungry tonight, perhaps you will say that it is not ok for one to live in absolute splendour and another to live in absolute poverty. Perhaps you will see then that you all sisters and brothers, all one family, no matter what country you are from, or where you are on your planet.

Let us see this current predicament as shining a light, a spotlight if you will, highlighting that which is in need of attention and change – see it as thus.

This time is one to come together, to open ones heart and not listen to the voice of fear anymore. It is time to follow the voice of love as it calls you to service – service to your fellow man and woman, your family, your community, your country, your planet. This is a time of transformation a step-change in the evolution not just of your planet but of the human race itself.

Remember too, that you are never alone – we are with you, please do call on us, talk to us and we will be with you, every step of the way.

All my love,  Emmanuel xxx

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