Do you choose the path of FEAR of the path of LOVE?

Right now you’re being asked by the universe, what do you stand for? The universe is asking, where is human evolution right now? What path would you like to take?

There is the path that walks in fear and the path that chooses to walk in LOVE.

Those that advocate the path of fear will tell you that you must protect yourself, that there are dangers that will only grow if you do not take to that path, that fear is the strongest and safest route to follow. It is not. And you know in your heart of hearts you know it is neither safe, nor is it strong to stand in fear and walk in fear.

Think about it for a moment, when you are fearful, when you are afraid are you STRONGER or weaker than when you are in LOVE?

I am talking of the LOVE that is all powerful here, not your romantic version of love – LOVE with a capital L! This is the LOVE that brought the known universe into existence the LOVE that holds it together and makes up it’s very fabric. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be with that kind of force, that kind of energy and that kind of strength – the kind that holds the universe together!!

Walk on the path of LOVE and you walk with god’s hand in yours, you walk with angels at your side and you walk with your fellow man (and woman). There is no separation when you walk on the path of LOVE you see no enemies nothing to be afraid of for you just see friends that you haven’t met yet and find that everyone you do meet seems like a long lost member of your spiritual family.

The time for separation and individuality is past, it’s time to come together, to stand together to tell those in POWER (and yes, they do walk that path of fear, they do believe in what FEAR tells them) that enough is enough – it’s time for a different way, time to take a different path. One that leads to safety, true power and a planet where no longer will you be afraid to go to school, walk at night in your neighbourhood or talk to a stranger in the street. Where you can be yourself, where you can be free. Where there is community, for there is common cause – a desire to make the world a better place. Is that not ultimately what everyone wants? No-one as they wake in the morning thinks – ‘today I will do what I can to destroy the world, to make it a worse place for everyone’ – That.. is simply just not the case. And although there are those that are a little lost and maybe a little misguided, because they have wondered a little too far down the path of fear, there is no-one who given the opportunity would choose to make the world a worse place – They just don’t know HOW to make it better and when you are on the path of fear it is fear that guides you, and fear is an awful travelling companion and an even worse counsel and guide!

The path of LOVE on the other hand has your own inner wisdom and TRUTH as your guide. The heart shows the way and love lights the path ahead. On the Path of LOVE there are no boundaries, no restrictions, whatever your colour, creed, beliefs, sexuality – whatever you have done in the past, whatever you perceive to have done that is SO wrong, on the path of LOVE you are all welcome and you are ALL SAFE.

You are being asked RIGHT NOW what do you stand for? You stand at a cross-roads – a choice point in the evolution of the WHOLE of HUMANITY. Do you turn towards FEAR or move graciously towards LOVE – which path do you choose?

This weekend, as you are with those that you LOVE do SOMETHING To announce to the universe that YOU STAND FOR LOVE, that you CHOOSE LOVE – and let ME know, what you did for LOVE this weekend! All my love – Emmanuel ❤️

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