Balance – bringing it all together

Right now upon your planet, there is a constant pressure to keep on going, to keep on working, to do more, to fit everything into your precious days. There is a lot of talk of getting back in balance, but what does balance really mean?

Balance is not about doing this and not doing that, balance is about bringing everything together so that you feel more harmonious and in balance. So balance is not about pushing things away but integrating things in a way that allows you to feel more free, to feel more in control, to breathe and yes, relax. When was the last time you truly relaxed? When you stopped and did nothing, until you got bored of doing nothing?

It’s time to stop and re-assess how you are running your life. Perhaps now is the time to stop RUNNING your life and start WALKING your life! – When you slow down, your perspective comes back and you are able to see what is working for you and what is not. When everything is at break-neck speed there is just no ‘time’ to see what is really going on and no ‘time’ to react or make a decision to stop doing what is not working for you.

So.. what is balance?

Balance is bringing back into harmony, it is bringing in things that are needed and letting go of the need to do things that aren’t working. So if you find that you are working on a sunday evening, why not stop working early on a wednesday afternoon? If you are finding there’s no time for you, why not use your own diary to diary IN time with yourself? If you find that you’re always running out of energy, why not introduce things that GIVE you energy into your working week?

All of you reading this right now are out of balance in some way. You might be working too hard, you might be putting everyone else first, you might just be tired and worn out. Isn’t it time that you considered another way? Isn’t it ‘time’ that you considered opting out of the world’s manic pace for just a small amount of time? Isn’t it time to bring your talents skills and gifts that you were born with into your lives?

Bring in the GOOD STUFF, the stuff that fuels your inner fuel tank of LOVE. The things that make you feel GOOD, make you feel ALIVE, make you feel that you are on purpose and on the right path. When your heart sings, THAT is when you KNOW that your life is in balance. The heart’s melody IS your balance compass, it will point you to a place where you can be spiritual, earthly, angelic and human.

It’s not an easy balancing act, it is not easy to bring your-selves into harmony and yet for your own sakes, for your own well-being, NOW is the ‘time’ to stop and reflect. NOW is the ‘time’ to bring your lives back into balance. So consider this a homework and ‘work in progress’ it’s not something that will change over night, but it is something that will make a considerable difference to how your life feels. I love you, and I am at your service always. All my love – Emmanuel xxx

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