All you can do is do your best, it does matter, everything matters!

There are times at which you will feel as though you’ve given your all but it doesn’t feel like it is enough, that it hasn’t ‘sunk in’, that it hasn’t done what you’d hoped. But do not worry, because as long as you know that you have done your best, then that is enough.

Do not measure yourself by other people, or by apparent impact, measure yourself by what you know in your heart to be true – that you did your best – who could ask for anything more? We angels certainly don’t and neither does the universe!

Honestly you humans are so very hard on yourselves, you expect miracles and do not understand just how impactful and inspirational you are.

Sometimes the ground on which you are sowing is fertile and other times it is not as fertile and so perhaps there is not as much apparent growth as you think. But this is merely your own perception, you do not see the seed as it lands and begins to germinate, you are not there long enough in many cases to see the difference your kindness, your diligence, your care, your guidance, your support makes longer term. You cannot WATCH a seed grow, you must keep on observing OVER time.

Because us angels are out of time we can see just the longer term effect of all that you do.. so please keep on doing what you’re doing we promise you it is TRULY making such a difference!!

Change does not happen overnight, and so it is that you must be kinder to yourselves and know that your best IS enough.

When you are doing purposeful work, when you are here to help with the transformation of the planet, this is not something that will happen in the next minutes, next hours, next day, next week, or even perhaps in your lifetime.It is one small act of kindness and one offered hand of support at a time.

I promise that although you may not see it, you DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We are so very proud and thankful for ALL THAT YOU ARE and ALL THAT YOU DO in service. Know that although you do not see it, the seeds ARE landing, they are beginning to germinate and with grace and perfect cosmic timing they will begin to grow.

Look not at what happens NOW but what will be. You ARE a force for GOOD and you are a perfect ambassador of LOVE upon this planet. So keep on fighting the good fight, keep on spreading the light and the LOVE. We are with you every step of the way and we applaud your every step! We love you, never forget that.. All our Love Emmanuel and your Angels


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