The only way to conquer fear, is to love it to death

In your world right now, you are being asked fundamental questions about your very existence. Are you here to hate and create destruction or are you here to love and spread compassion? Are you ONE human race or are you many different countries, religions or factions?

Whatever happens on your planet happens for a reason. What you are being asked every single time is ‘what do you stand for?’ ‘what do you believe you are really here for?’ ‘who are you really?’ ‘what do you choose now?’ – are you someone who answers violence with violence? Or are you someone who makes a stand for a different more peaceful way of being? Are you united in fear and its consequences? Or are you united in LOVE?

LOVE is not wishy-washy it is not saying ‘it is OK’, love is all powerful, the greatest power in the universe! Love is sometimes daring to say: “NO!” – NO! we will not stand this, we will show how even in the depths of fear we will not give in. We will not give in to the machinations of the fearful mind and bugle cry of fear, we will not march to war, we will listen to our hearts and unite as one to fight the biggest enemy, which is fear! Our hearts’ are breaking yes, because we see such horror and pain before our very eyes. And still we will hear love’s call and stand united as one and say NO!” NO to fear, NO to war, NO to violence.

If you think that us angels are gentle, you are wrong, if you feel that the journey of the heart is always gentle then you are wrong. There are times in your planet’s evolution that you are being asked to make a stand. A stand for what you believe the future could be like. This is an opportunity to make an evolutionary leap – So what DO you stand for?

It is time to stand up and be counted, it is time to say “ENOUGH! I wish for us to seek a new way of being, one that reaches out to that part of humanity that is so disaffected, and bring them, like a lost sheep back into the fold.”

LOVE is the only way, fear only breeds more fear, violence begets more violence. So make a stand for LOVE. Be a peaceful warrior. Join the army of LOVE today join me, in saying prayers and sending LOVE to those Angels that will be affected by the choices and decisions being made.

Remember this moment in time, and remember that you had a choice.. Did you choose LOVE or did you choose fear? You will have further choices to elect those that represent you in the future. Will you choose those that continue the cycle of fear and violence or will you choose those that look to a new, more peaceful and loving way of being in the world? Those that are destructive or those that are constructive?

You have a greater power than you think. So use that power, and use it wisely, make a positive choice for LOVE today. And please say prayers and light a candle for the angels that will be facing the consequences of your leaders decisions, hold them in your prayers and in your heart, that their journey home may be a peaceful one.

All my love, Emmanuel xxx

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