Limitless LOVE

Inside of you, yes YOU the dear sweet angel that is reading this! there is limitless LOVE. You are a child of the universe, a reflection of the divine and as such are LOVE personified.

All too often you look to an external love to fill your inner fuel tank of love, when in reality you have your own love ‘gas station’ deep inside your heart. Imagine it now.. there is a friendly angel, just waiting by the pump, waiting for you to open up your heart’s fuel cap, so that they can begin to pump that beautiful, delicious, yummy, divine love back into you. They are beaming at you, and as you are being filled up with LOVE, that smile that was missing this morning, is beginning to spread across your beautiful face. You can feel the LOVE as it begins to fill you right up, you can feel your own inner glow beginning to light up, you are lighting up as the warm spread of love courses through your body. You look at the angel attendant, and as you look closer you see that it is YOUR face and that it is YOUR own dear sweet angel self that is filling you up.

So where is all that LOVE coming from? You look at the hose, follow it to its source and sure enough there it is, pumping that very love that is filling you, from your own heart. You see your heart has a limitless supply of love, if you only pulled into that love gas station more often!

And now, you feel the fuel tank full to the brim, you are shining, you are laughing, you are free.

So be that love, and be free. BE that love, and LOVE (your self) UNCONDITIONALLY.

All my love, Emmanuel xxx

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