Changing the world – one step at a time

It may seem to you that to change the world is an impossible task. How can I really make a difference? I’m just one person, can I really change the world? The answer is simple – YES YOU CAN!

To change the world, just do ONE thing, one SIMPLE thing and you will in your own action be helping to change the world. Small steps, simple actions can become great leaps. Don’t keep your difference making actions to yourself, SHARE them.

Now on your planet with the wonders of the inter-web and social-networks you can share your good deeds, your kindnesses, your social action, your community care and call others to follow your lead. If you move into action, if you do even the smallest kindness for another and share it, then it encourages others to follow your lead.

Kindness is infectious, it ripples out into the universe and sends ripples across the inter-web that stirs, in those that read of your selfless actions, the heart response that says ‘YES!’ , “Yes, to doing something to change the world” and ‘YES I REALLY CAN’.

So we, your angels encourage you to do something however small, do it with your friends, do it with your family, do it with your children. Show them that this world can be a kind, generous, loving and compassionate place. By doing these simple things you ARE Changing the world, one step at a time, and remember that by taking that step you are leaving a path for others to follow.

If you all took just one step, all of you who are reading this, well, dearest ones that would be one GREAT LEAP would it not? So take that step, go do what you can to change the world for someone and by changing their world.. even if for just one single moment, you ARE changing the world.

We love you, you know, very much! All our love, Emmanuel and your angels xxx

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