I want to remind you that there is no greater role on your planet than being a guardian to your children, to the angels that are born to you.

As I have mentioned before it is your children that choose YOU are their parents and as such it’s an important role to fulfil. It’s important, but not something to be taken TOO SERIOUSLY – remember the angelic axiom, that life is too important to be taken seriously and you will understand what I am trying to explain.

There is a great burden that can come with parenting if you let your own personal doubts and fears take over, if you think too hard about whether you are being a good parent or not, you’ll miss that all important LIGHTNESS that is so vital to great guardianship. I say guardianship rather than parenting because guardians are what you are. You are the guardian of the angel that was born to you, it is your role to help them to fulfil their potential and realise their purpose in life. It is your job to be confidante, friend & wise counsel absolutely and it is also your role to encourage, motivate and inspire.

Sounding like hard work?

Well, it needn’t be. Just think of yourself as a guardian ANGEL to your little angel. Imagine what your guardian angel would do for you and you’re not far from what being a real parent/guardian is all about.

They will be there when you need them, love you unconditionally, pick you up when you fall down, steer you back in the right direction, help point the way, support you as you go on your adventures, help you to have fun, remind you that life is for the living, make you smile when you are down. But they will never interfere, always have your best interests at heart and do not put their own agendas onto you.

It is YOUR LIFE – and so it is with your children. Of course you will be their to protect, guide, support and love – but ultimately it is not your journey, not your adventure in consciousness but theirs.

Let them make mistakes, was it not the mistakes that you have made that helped shape who you have become? Is it not those same mistakes that have helped you to become stronger and helped you learn some of life’s biggest lessons? Remember, that as a guardian (Angel) you can always be there, anytime, any place, anywhere.

Do not hesitate to laugh, be silly or just have FUN with your children. Remember there is nothing that cannot be healed by a hug, cookies and hot chocolate – your LOVE is all that is required, LOVE that says I Love you just the way you are and I will do all I can to be the best guardian I can, to enable you to grow, learn and uncover the truth of who YOU are.

So let go of being a parent and sign up to be a guardian (angel) for your little angel(s). They’ll love you for it, and you’ll probably feel all the lighter and better for it too

– And remember us angels are always here for you too! All my love, Emmanuel <3


  1. Paul Levinsky January 30, 2019 at 3:59 pm #

    These words are very beautiful and true. But my little angel is now grown up and I can’t stop thinking of the myriad ways I fell short as a parent and the many mistakes I made. He now has many problems, including drug addiction. He appears incapable of caring for himself or standing on his own two feet. I believe I will always be his guardian angel and yet what can I do now? How can I help him now? How will I know.

    • Emmanuel February 21, 2019 at 10:21 am #

      I want to tell you that each and every angel chooses it’s own path and it’s own parents to be born to. This means that sometimes it is confusing to those that they are born to why they choose a path of apparent self-destruction or addiction. This leads to the obvious questions ‘was I a bad parent?’ ‘did I not love them completely enough?’ and more often than not the taking of blame upon your own dear sweet self. Are you perfect? No. But then who is dear one? Being human is not about being perfect it is about remembering the truth of who you are and moving towards that. You are not the person you were back then, and so be who you are NOW, that bigger more compassionate being with your own angel. Remember it is not your job to FIX but it is your job to guide, and LOVE. LOVE is the most important of all tools within the guardians tool-kit – you are this angels’ guardian, but not their keeper. So give LOVE, give it freely, and know that LOVE is sometimes saying NO, and sometimes Helping to find HELP. Write them a love letter, let them know you LOVE them and that you wish to help them to find that self-LOVE that will enable themselves to come out of the darkness, and that when they are ready you will be there for them. Trust me when I say that that message WILL be received in the postbox of their heart and it will hit home. It may take time.. but your angel will hear your love and it will begin to seed that love in their heart. And please, do not spend any more time blaming yourself, just do what you can and leave the rest to us dearest one. We send you much, much love AND we are at your service, please do call on us if you would like to talk further. All my love Emmanuel xxx

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