Always listen to your heart (and only sometimes listen to your head)

If there was one thing we angels could give you, it would be the ability to discern between the voice of fear and the voice of love.

Fear often comes in the guise of love, saying that it will protect us, telling us that if we just listen and follow its advice then we’ll be safe.

Fear is created and instigated by your minds.. when you listen to your head, it is often the voice of fear wrapped in a cloak of apparently sound logic! However your heart needs no logic, it always makes sense, and it always will lead you to true freedom. Freedom to be the truth of who you are.

So imagine now for a moment that you could hear the voice of your heart? What would it say? How would it sound? Give it a voice, so that you might recognise it when it speaks to you.

You see all too often you listen to your head rather than your heart. Your heart knows when something is right or it is wrong. It knows when to say ‘enough’ and when to say ‘more’! Your heart is an excellent compass and will not lead you astray.

Your world is one that gets you into your head, and tells you that intellect is king! It is not always.. and in fact a lot of the time it just muddies the water and confuses things.

So how to get out of one’s head? How to learn to listen to the wise counsel of the heart? Next time you have a key decision or choice to make, play a little game. Think things through, use your mind, listen to its voices (have you ever noticed how many conflicting voices their are in your head??) and then when it has made the ‘logical decision’, now ask internally.. ‘what would my heart say?’ If you hear a clear, kind, welcoming voice, know that it is your heart speaking.

You see inside you, you really do know what is best for you, its just that you look to the wrong part of your body for the answers. It is like going into a library for knowledge and always going to the newspapers section rather than the reference library where all the real knowledge is kept!

So go to that place in you that knows.. the place where the answers are always kind, generous and loving towards you. Your heart! and I promise you that life will be a lot simpler, a lot easier, and a lot freer!

Practice listening to your heart, and still the voices in your head. It will take some practice, but just as a musician must practice their instrument to master their craft, so must you practice using your instrument, so that you can master your life! It is worth it, and so are you!

All my love, Emmanuel xxx


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