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Loves’s Mission

Dearest ones, let me remind you first and foremost of the truth of who you are. You are angels of light, beacons that will take the world that you are living in forwards into the next step in its evolution. You are a new force for good in the world, you are part of the army of love here to help in the transformation of your planet.

Yes, I did indeed say army.. you read correctly but do not fear this word, it simply means that you are in the service of LOVE on this planet. Jesus lead an army of love many years ago, and now it is time to amass the troops and march once more in the name of LOVE. It is time for the next generation of love, the all powerful, the all consuming power of LOVE. It is time to bring more LOVE into this planet. The time is now…

Do not wait until tomorrow, do not wait until you feel you are ready. You are lovers all of you and as one of your dear poets once said ‘you are made of stars’. You are made of the same stuff as that of the universe for the very fabric of the universe is love. It is ALL LOVE, and when YOU LOVE, yourself and others you are helping to change the world. Seriously I do not say this lightly, as you LOVE you change the world.

The power of love is no small thing, and neither are you. You are a magnificent being of light, a magnificent being of LOVE. So today and this week remember that.. and send out the ripples of love into the world, into the universe, that is your purpose, that is your mission..

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