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There are no ledgers in heaven

Dearly beloveds, when will you realise that there are no ledgers kept in heaven? We do not have lists of the ‘good boys and good girls or the bad boys or bad girls’ – you are all perfection expressing itself. You are perfect, and hear this… You have never done anything wrong. Let me just repeat that… you have NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG.

Oh if you were only to realise the truth of that, to embrace it, to say YES! to it in the moment of now, do you know that you would immediately and wonderfully fall back in love with yourself, so totally and so perfectly that you would know the truth of who you are? So right now, let us do a little exercise together if we might – write yourself a list on a piece of paper.. on one side write all the good things about yourself and on the other side write the things that you believe should be kept in the imaginary ledgers against you. When you have done so, firstly notice that there is probably one side longer than then other… But do not fear, for I wish for you to tear the piece of paper in half. And put the side of fear, the side that tells you that you are bad or naughty or incomplete into your hands scrumple it up and put in the bin.. Does that feel good dearest one? – Now what is left??

Why the other side of course.. imagine if that remaining side were the totality of how you are? Just as it is now the totality of the paper – Could you imagine a life with fear removed? Could you imagine how wonderful your life would be? Can you now begin to see how wonderful and maginficent YOU really are??

Dearest ones, when we that walk with you SEE you, all we see is that side of the paper – the love, the beauty, the angel, the beacon of light here to aid in the transformation of this planet. There are no errors, no faults, no mistakes.. only human frailties. Embrace your humanity, love your frailties. You are perfect just the way you are. Can you embrace your magnificence? Can you accept the truth of who you are? For in truth you are only good, you are perfect and infinitely loveable just the way you are…

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