I know that right now many of you may be struggling with self-isolation. Some of you will have families around you, but many will feel as if they are alone. So, I am writing today to remind you that NONE of you are EVER alone.

There are angels that walk with every single one of you. If you are reading this, I promise you that your guardian angel is there with you, and probably leaning in over your shoulder and reading this too!

You see each child that is born on your planet comes with its own personally assigned angelic guardians and you, are no different. Sure, you may not see your angel as you did when you were a small child (do you remember how you used to play together?) but they have gone nowhere they are still there with you.

Your guardian angel or angels (for some of you will have more than one) are there with you (and only you) for the duration of your entire human adventure. They are there to help, support & guide you, there to call upon when you need them.

As the world that you live in becomes more ‘real’ for you, so the distance between our realms widens as you accept the illusionary world as real, so other worlds disappear from view. But I come with wonderful news – because I am here to tell you that:

  1. yes we ARE HERE and that you are not alone
  2. that you CAN reconnect with us anytime you wish to

“Well HOW DO we connect with our angels Emmanuel?”  – I am glad you have asked, for it is much simpler than you think!

The first thing to understand is that the world you live in and the spiritual realms are not as far apart as you have been taught to understand. There are times of day and night when the walls between our world and yours are especially thin and it is easier for us to be together, easy for us to converse – the bridge between our worlds is LOVE – and so when you call to us in the VOICE OF LOVE, then we are able to cross that bridge and be with you.

So, to keep things very simple we would suggest that in the morning as you arise simply say (out loud if you can):

‘Good morning my angels’ – Then stop to listen, do you hear our response? Do you feel our presence?

Then invite us into your day, it is this invitation that allows us to be with you and to help, guide and support you. Say something like:

“Be with me today my angels, I invite you in to help, guide and support me to be my very best. Help me be an ambassador of love and on mission and purpose today – thank you”

And here is the wonderful part! Simply by doing that, by consciously and lovingly inviting us in, so then you can know with confidence that whatever happens in that day happens for a reason – you can have no doubt in that, for we will be with you every step of your day.

As I mentioned earlier the space between our worlds are thin as you drift off to sleep too – so this again is a good time to reach out to your angels. Had a good day? How about saying a little ‘thank you my angels for being with me today’?

Had a not so good day? – How about asking your angels to help you understand and process the day and be with you through the night so that you wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

Had a day that has left you drained and exhausted? Then why not ask your angels to wrap their wings around you and to take you home, to recharge, refuel and refresh?

We are here for you, for it is you that we are HERE FOR.

We cannot be anywhere else, but by your side and the more you acknowledge us, the more you reach out to us, and call to us IN LOVE the more visible and tangible will be the angelic, support and guidance (and yes, communication!) will be for you.

So even if you are by yourself in this time of lockdown, you truly are not alone. And what better time than now to begin to gently build the bridge of LOVE between our worlds – to reconnect with your guardian angels and help us to help you to have a life on mission and on purpose.

We love you and look forward to reconnecting and speaking to you soon!

All my love Emmanuel (and of course YOUR GUARDIAN ANGELS) xxx

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Emmanuel, What do we take from what is currently going on in the world with the corona-virus pandemic?

The incidents that are now occurring are to make you aware of just how joined up your planet is, how it is impossible to not be interdependent of one another to break down barriers and borders between countries not re-enforce them. To unite humanity under a common cause, one that has no visible enemy for that is important.

You are being asked to unite in a way that ensures a greater well-being for the entire planet and its population going forwards. To highlight the need for resources of all sorts to be shared, to highlight the errors in how economic models and health systems have been managed, structured and funded. It is not until you have such a catastrophic and massive event such as this that you can see just how fragile the systems are that you have in place – How impossible it is to match capacity with need when everyone is in need.

There is also a reminder here that as human beings you are united in a biology if nothing else – you are all human beings no matter what colour, what creed, what sexuality or nationality you have.

Consider it a reminder also of the fragility of the global system itself and of the human population – I am not saying this to scare you, I am merely saying is it not time to understand that the ecology of the planet and the ecological issues you are facing are very real threats as highlighted by this pandemic? You are not as secure as you thought you were, for this type of infection crosses all borders and is an unknown to ALL of science – and makes you aware of the weaknesses in your own systems. It is a wake-up call in this case, to break down barriers in international scientific research & economic co-operation – to work together and share resources for the betterment of all human-kind.

It is also a reminder that you are ALL ONE and an invitation to re-engage compassion, kindness, generosity and LOVE. There will be many that will suffer, but there will be an even greater number for whom this will be a ‘bringing together’, a reminder of your common bonds, your common values, your common humanity.

Perhaps then you will not be able to tolerate in the same sense the economic and social injustices that are prevalent not just in your country but across your planet. Perhaps you will say that it is not ok for someone to have to sleep without a roof over their heads or go hungry tonight, perhaps you will say that it is not ok for one to live in absolute splendour and another to live in absolute poverty. Perhaps you will see then that you all sisters and brothers, all one family, no matter what country you are from, or where you are on your planet.

Let us see this current predicament as shining a light, a spotlight if you will, highlighting that which is in need of attention and change – see it as thus.

This time is one to come together, to open ones heart and not listen to the voice of fear anymore. It is time to follow the voice of love as it calls you to service – service to your fellow man and woman, your family, your community, your country, your planet. This is a time of transformation a step-change in the evolution not just of your planet but of the human race itself.

Remember too, that you are never alone – we are with you, please do call on us, talk to us and we will be with you, every step of the way.

All my love,  Emmanuel xxx

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As many of you reading this will know Emmanuel and I were friends of Ram Dass who left his body late last year. We’d like to use this month’s update to honour his memory by Jo sharing a few words about him:

I met Ram Dass when I was just 16 – it is not to understate things to say I would not be who I am or where I am today without him. It was his guidance, support and unconditional love that helped me understand my own spiritual journey and my own mission here on earth. I feel so blessed to have had him in my life and so greatful that this lifetime around I was in the presence of such a teacher, guide, mentor, role model and friend.

It was Ram Dass I turned to, when Emmanuel first came to me. His validation, constant support and encouragement helped me to accept this ‘assignment’ and embrace a lifetime mission that I felt woefully under qualified or worthy enough to do. He helped me overcome my ‘unworthiness’ and he taught me to be a better channel without ‘teaching’ me. He gave me his time and shared valuable insights into what might lie ahead for me on the journey with Emmanuel ahead.

There are few people on this planet who embody their teachings, but Ram Dass was truly one of them. His love was total, for me, for you, for anyone who came into his presence. He truly did unconditionally LOVE me, and I cannot tell you what that meant to me.

Being in that presence of such total LOVE, to be LOVED despite all your own personally perceived flaws, that is a gift that is impossible to describe. Through his LOVE and his belief in me, I have grown & learnt so much. I have learnt to love myself in the way that he loved me. I have learnt to embrace who I am, and allow the truth of who I am to gradually unfold and reveal itself – I have learnt to embrace my human-ness and never hide away who I am or who I have been, to be honest, humble and true to my-self.

What I have always loved about RD was his human-ness – he never professed to being perfect or for having it all worked out – he talked honestly about the mistakes he had made, the learnings he had picked up along the way. He was a true model of a spiritual adventurer and ultimately a teacher. He never stopped learning, there was always more of the mystery to explore, more LOVE to be merged into.

And now he has made the ultimate journey, he has left his body and merged back into LOVE. He now IS the LOVE that he unconditionally gave us all – and it is IN that LOVE that we can still find him. He is still here –


I feel his presence as I write this. He has not gone away; in fact, I feel his presence more keenly now than ever.

Thank you Ram Dass – Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All my love,

Jo xx

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LETTING GO – your past is done with you, if you are done with it

I wish to let you know that now is the PERFECT time to let go of your past.

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW, at the beginning of a year, indeed at the beginning of a new DECADE upon your planet, to let the past be left in the past.

There is so much suffering upon your planet, and much of that suffering is inflicted not by current events, but past events. There is a perception that you must relive and keep the traumas of the past with you, but we promise this is not true. We do not wish for you to keep the burdens of the past, all we ask is that you use them as an opportunity to learn and grow (which can be said for almost every event in the adventure called being human!) and then (and this is the part that gets left out mistakenly) LET THEM GO.

In the here and now, the past cannot exist – indeed that past by its very nature is behind you, it is not with you for it cannot be unless you decided to attach yourself to it, by thoughts, words or deeds. This brings the past into present life, in vivid colour and all the emotions attached to the memories are also brought back into existence.

But the human incarnation is one of choosing, you do not have to keep memories you do not wish to keep, you do not have to keep the suffering, hurt, or guilt that you have from your past. You can choose to let them go and letting go is a very powerful way to be more in the present, to be more in the here and now – to be free to live life to its fullest, moment by moment.

I am here to tell you the wonderful news that YOUR PAST IS DONE WITH YOU, IF YOU ARE DONE WITH YOUR PAST.

So, at the beginning of this new decade, is the PERFECT time to let go of what WAS and embrace what IS.

Reflect for a moment, what purpose does it serve to keep a hold of your misdemeanors and errors of your past – DOES IT SERVE YOU? – or are you using it as a stick to beat yourself up and put yourself down from time to time? I promise you as I have said before there are no ledgers kept in heaven, so there is no need to be hard upon yourselves, be kind, be forgiving and let go.

There is such freedom in forgiveness, such freedom in LETTING GO. So here is a little homework for you, to start the decade:

Write a list of that which you currently choose to hold onto from your past that has a disempowering or negative effect upon you.

Ask yourself – does this event merit keeping still? Does it serve me to still use it as something to prove I am unloveable or I am a bad person?

What have I learnt from this event? If I feel I am still learning – what else can I take from this, to allow me to let go and move on? If necessary, you may wish to write our HOW you have learnt from the event, and HOW it has helped shape your life going forwards.

Even the most traumatic of events can have transformatory powers, they are fierce teachers, that give direction and meaning to the human adventure. Sometime presents come very badly wrapped indeed, but it is about going beneath the exterior, the emotional response and hurt, and getting to the truth, the message, the life-learning that exists beneath.

If there were one thing us angels would do, if we could – it would be to relieve you of the burdens of your past. But I hope that today you can see, that your past is very much done with you, if you are done with it – and that the only purpose of the adventure called life is to learn and grow. So as soon as you have learnt, then you can LET IT GO.

You will find that by LETTING GO, there is so much more to your life – here in the present moment, the beauty and love that exists is to wonderful to express. Come be with us in that present moment, we await your company – with great delight!

All my love Emmanuel xxx

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The adventure called being human can feel sometimes as if it is a lonely one. There are pressures and demands put on you all the time and admirably you do your best to make things work, to get things done, to be the best you can be. It is inevitable with all that effort, with all that pressure to succeed that from time to time things can get you down.
Now more than ever on your planet everything is speeding up and more is expected from you and the expectations you put on yourself are even higher. When was the last time you stopped? Truly stopped and did nothing? When was the last time you allowed yourself time off for good behaviour? It’s time to stop trying to be perfect and give yourself the permission to be imperfect, for that is indeed what being human (and being a human angel by the way) is all about. You have set yourself so many high bars that it is impossible to keep on jumping over them and it’s time to let yourself be human with all the emotions that come with that – even the emotion and experience called being DOWN.

The humans adventure is a set of experiences, some of those are pleasant and some of those not so pleasant, however it is those very experiences that enable you to grow, develop and help you become a better you. To remember the truth of who you are, and be more fully engaged in the wonderful education that only a human lifetime can bring.

It’s time to give yourself a break! It is no wonder that you feel down when you’ve been forcing yourself to be UP so often! As a human being it is only natural that you have peaks and troughs, up days and yes down days. So allow yourself the pleasure (and yes I do mean pleasure – as we angels do not have these ups and downs and it’s part of the joy of being human to have these experiences!) of being human and all that comes with that.

Just because you are feeling a little down, don’t let that spoil the overall experience. Go into that DOWN, be with it, sit with it, LOVE IT, laugh at it, and be free from it. And when you are especially DOWN, then remember you are not in that place ALONE. Oh no! You are never alone, you must know that by now.


And actually when you are down is a good time to reconnect, to reach out and get in touch with us. When you are down often your emotions are raised and the distance between our worlds is not far at all to traverse. So write to us, talk with us, shout at us (we don’t mind) we will be there and as long as you listen, we will let you know that we are here. We will help relieve you of your unnecessary suffering and help bring the light into the shadow that has formed (temporarily) around you. It’s time to reconnect, not disconnect, to reach out, not shrink back – it’s a perfect time to celebrate being human and to remember that you are divine and never alone.

So when you get down, remember WE ARE AROUND. Reach out, next time you feel a little down and you’ll soon find that things are never quite as bad as they seem.

We love you and love all that you are!

Emmanuel xxx

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An invitation to take part in our new book

Hello fellow angels,
I am writing today to invite you to virtually join in the book that we (my channel and I) are currently in the process of writing. We are inviting questions from those that we know and love to be a part of our new book.

It’s important to me that this book is absolutely relevant to the issues that you personally grapple with at this time, on this planet, in this incarnation. I want to know what you wish to know the answers to, and what the thoughts and fears are that keep you up at night and that you wish for some guidance upon. It can be big or small questions I do not mind, all I ask is that you think that it maybe included in a book rather than they are your deeply personal questions.

If you have a question that your heart yearns to be answered, then please DO get in touch and perhaps we will include it in our new book!

We look very much look forward to hearing from you,
All our love,

Jo and Emmanuel xxx

PS a note from Jo – send your questions to: – please note we already have a lot of content in the book, so some questions will already be answered in that which has already been written. We will respond to each of you personally, but we may not choose your question as we will only be answering questions that are new topics for discussion that we have not yet covered – we hope that’s OK with you all, and look forward to getting your questions! Much love x

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Christmas greetings you wondrous Angel you!

At this festive time of year, it is a time for family, for joy, for love. It’s also a time to be thankful for all that you have, and be generous in your giving not just to your own nearest and dearest, but for those that do not have what you have.

Remember not just in your prayers but in your actions and your deeds this Christmas time those that perhaps do not have enough to eat, or do not have a roof over their heads – Those that are on the street this Christmas with only a doorway to call home and a few personal possessions to call their own.

So this Christmas, why not forgo that extra present and give a warm drink, a friendly smile, a meal, a bit of your time to someone who is in need.

Christmas is about family, but it also about your wider family – the soul family, the family that is called your community – not all of whom are safe and loved tonight. Put aside just a small amount of money and just a small amount of your time to be with and to help those that are not as loved and safe and cared for as you. Do not walk past them, stop and be with them – if you have a local food bank or soup kitchen, why not offer a little or yours and your families time? – it will remind you and your family of the true meaning of Christmas and it will also remind you of just how loved you all are and will bring you closer together in that LOVE.

LOVE is for everyone – YOUR LOVE is the greatest gift you can give. So GIVE THAT LOVE FREELY ANYWAY YOU CAN THIS CHRISTMAS.

You’ll be so glad you did, this I promise.

Have a wonderful festive period all of you, and know we are with you every single day. All my love Emmanuel xxx

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I come to speak to you today as a messenger of wonderful news. I want to blow away the bastion of fear that is death, and remind you that death is not an end it is a beginning.

Love cannot die, and so therefore that which IS LOVE cannot die. You are love, made manifest and as such you cannot die either. Sure you may drop your physical form, but that is just beginning of the next transformation to being formless (your natural state by the way) and merge back into the ALL THAT IS.

Dying is a joyful experience for the soul – it knows that it is coming home. You are being absorbed back into LOVE, consumed by LOVE, dissolved in LOVE – that which was, becomes what IS – the ALL THAT IS – once again and so the cycle of creation and life is complete and it all begins again.

Death is not something to be feared it is something to be embraced – think of the most wonderful LOVING HUG you ever had, the biggest LOVE you ever experienced, that all encompassing and unconditional LOVE that you just want to melt into and lose yourself in it’s so wonderful to be in – now times that by 1,000 – and now you have some inkling of what the experience you call death is like.

All my love Emmanuel xxxx

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I know, you have heard this statement so many times before – and I am here to share this truth with you again. There is so much fear being spread upon your planet just now, fear is in action – so you must also get into action and be the change you wish to see!

If you want the world to be a kinder place – be kinder. If you wish the world to be a more tolerant place – be more tolerant. If you wish the world to be more accepting and loving – be more accepting and loving. If you want the world to be more generous and more abundant, then be more generous and abundant.

You see you are a microcosm of the macrocosm – what you do & how you are is much more important than you think – you have far greater influence that you can imagine.

There is a tendency to say ‘well what can I do? I’m just one person, how can I change the world?’ – yet EVERYONE is just one person and if EVERYONE or just SOME-PEOPLE started to be the change they wanted to see consistently then the world would change very quickly indeed. Think about this for a moment, how many people do you interact with in an average week? At home, in the office, on-line, in the streets, in your town, in the supermarket, at the restaurant, in the traffic on the motorway, on your phone, in the bar, at school or college? – most of you will have some sort of interaction with 50-100 people in any given week. So how do you choose to BE in those interactions?

Think about the important things you’d like to change in the world – choose ONE of them and start to BE the change you’d like to see. Every interaction, every email, every phone call, every chat, every form of communication, every touch, every word – let them all be infused with that CHANGE you’d like to see. Just a simple smile, a kind word, an enthusiastic hello or a grateful thank you can make the world of difference to people and change their day from a blue one to a brighter one!

Remember also that YOU are someone worth your kindnesses too – often it is forgotten that the most important person to be the CHANGE with is yourself! So be gently, loving and compassionate with yourself AND with others – and before you know it the world around you begins to change – it’s a world of smiles, thank you’s, laughter and love – why? Because you are being the change you wish to see, and then.. you SEE IT!

I love each and everyone of you so very much, Emmanuel xxx

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I want to remind you that there is no greater role on your planet than being a guardian to your children, to the angels that are born to you.

As I have mentioned before it is your children that choose YOU are their parents and as such it’s an important role to fulfil. It’s important, but not something to be taken TOO SERIOUSLY – remember the angelic axiom, that life is too important to be taken seriously and you will understand what I am trying to explain.

There is a great burden that can come with parenting if you let your own personal doubts and fears take over, if you think too hard about whether you are being a good parent or not, you’ll miss that all important LIGHTNESS that is so vital to great guardianship. I say guardianship rather than parenting because guardians are what you are. You are the guardian of the angel that was born to you, it is your role to help them to fulfil their potential and realise their purpose in life. It is your job to be confidante, friend & wise counsel absolutely and it is also your role to encourage, motivate and inspire.

Sounding like hard work?

Well, it needn’t be. Just think of yourself as a guardian ANGEL to your little angel. Imagine what your guardian angel would do for you and you’re not far from what being a real parent/guardian is all about.

They will be there when you need them, love you unconditionally, pick you up when you fall down, steer you back in the right direction, help point the way, support you as you go on your adventures, help you to have fun, remind you that life is for the living, make you smile when you are down. But they will never interfere, always have your best interests at heart and do not put their own agendas onto you.

It is YOUR LIFE – and so it is with your children. Of course you will be their to protect, guide, support and love – but ultimately it is not your journey, not your adventure in consciousness but theirs.

Let them make mistakes, was it not the mistakes that you have made that helped shape who you have become? Is it not those same mistakes that have helped you to become stronger and helped you learn some of life’s biggest lessons? Remember, that as a guardian (Angel) you can always be there, anytime, any place, anywhere.

Do not hesitate to laugh, be silly or just have FUN with your children. Remember there is nothing that cannot be healed by a hug, cookies and hot chocolate – your LOVE is all that is required, LOVE that says I Love you just the way you are and I will do all I can to be the best guardian I can, to enable you to grow, learn and uncover the truth of who YOU are.

So let go of being a parent and sign up to be a guardian (angel) for your little angel(s). They’ll love you for it, and you’ll probably feel all the lighter and better for it too

– And remember us angels are always here for you too! All my love, Emmanuel <3

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