One to One/Contact

Emmanuel has made it clear that he wants to be available to everyone, no matter where you are. We have a skype account and we can do 1-1 sessions via skype wherever you are in the world!

OR if you are living in the UK then you are welcome to come visit Jo and Emmanuel in Worcester.

Sessions are on a donation basis via PayPal –  People often ask us what to donate, we say it’s dependent on your own financial means (ie: pay what you can!) but to give you an idea anything between £50-£100 (UK pounds) has been paid by people in the past. But there is no set fee and we will never turn anyone away – Emmanuel will always be open to all.

So if you have a question that you’d like to ask Emmanuel or you’d like a private 1-1 session with Emmanuel, just get in touch.

To book your 1-1 with Emmanuel contact Jo at: