Angel’s play

There is a misconception on your planet as to what us angels are like. We are so often portrayed as serious and solemn, and yet nothing could be further from the truth.

We have characters just like you, we are funny, cheeky, joyful and playful. We delight in humour, laughter and FUN. So put aside your stereotypes, and let me introduce you to your less serious side.. your ANGEL side. For us Angels delight in frivolity. And so dearest ones if you wish to be more like us, if you wish to find your angel self, it is to be found in your laughter, your joy, your play!

As I am saying this I can hear some of your minds commenting ‘but Emmanuel’ they say, ‘surely the spiritual journey must be taken seriously!’ and I say to you that your inward journey, your journey to the truth of who you are is actually too important to be taken seriously! You must approach your time here on earth with a lightness of touch, with humour, with playfulness and with curiosity.

Us angels are very curious fellows, (and no that is not just because of the way we look) we love to learn and experience and explore. To remember your angelhood, is to remember the laughter of a small child. It is to see the beauty in the flower that has just bloomed that very morning. It is to see the magic in everyday, it is to bring joy into your everyday.

So please, stop taking this all so seriously. Life is to be lived, to be loved and to be experienced! So take time TODAY to bring those angel characteristics back into your lives.

Let LOVE, LAUGHTER, JOY, FUN AND PLAY be your watchwords for this week, and when you do, you will feel your angel wings again, and reconnect with the truth of who you are, which is of course, that you are angels all.

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Being Kind to Yourself

Hello dearest ones I am here at the bequest of my own dear sweet channel Joseph who has been being rather hard on himself these last few days. He wanted to know what I made of that – so here I am to tell you a little from an angel’s perspective.

Being kind to yourself is not a luxury or a thing to be done when you have the time, it is a necessity on the path to angelhood.

You are so hard on yourselves dearest ones, and I am here to tell you that right now it is time to give yourself a break. There is nothing in the world or indeed the universe that is worth the chastisements that you are currently giving yourselves.

You see you scold yourself as you would scold an errant young child and talk to yourself as you would your worst enemy. And to what avail? Does it make you feel good? Does it brighten your day? Does it enlighten your mood? No, it becomes a swift downward spiral into the grips of fear himself.

There are many times as an angel guarding your precious human ward when you wish to step in and stop what is about to happen, none more so when we see you reach for the stick to beat yourselves up. There is no joy in picking up that stick and yet how often you do so!

So I would offer you a little of my wisdom and a little of my humour too – firstly I would like to remind you that being human is a real bugger! There are so many ‘built in faults’ in the human mind, psyche and physical body that it is no wonder that sometimes you despair! So be a little kinder with yourselves and realise that the ‘human frailties’ that you were born with will always be there and therefore accept that is it just part of the deal of being human.

Say to yourself ‘‘Oops! There I go again exposing my human frailties! – Why I believe it is time to celebrate that fact with an ice cream or perhaps a bunch of flowers!’’ – how we angels will delight when there comes the time when you come home and greet your partners and loved ones with ‘’hey! You know I really had a great day exploring my human frailties today – so I think we are going out to celebrate what do you think?!’’ believe me when I say, that day WILL come.

Secondly might I remind you as I have often said before that there are NO LEDGERS IN HEAVEN. We do not keep score of all the mistakes that you perceive you have made, in fact if we were to keep any kind of ledger it would be the ledger of celebration and remembrance! For from where we stand all we see when you make a mistake or have forgotten is an opportunity to celebrate! 

So let me give you a new mantra to remind yourself that in every forgetting is a remembrance waiting to happen! Next time you catch yourself having forgotten, when you have been caught in the drama of being human, rather than beat yourself up, congratulate yourself on remembering that you have forgotten.

Yes, that’s right, you heard me correctly – CELEBRATE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE REMEMBERED YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN! –

Let every mishap and every forgetting be an opportunity to remember the truth of who you are. To reconnect with your angel self and celebrate in great joy!

If only you knew quite how much you were loved and held and supported, and how often we cheer you on from the sidelines. You are doing miraculous work! It is perfectly natural to slip sometimes – so forgive yourselves, let yourselves off the hook and be kind!

Oh.. And that stick that you use to beat yourself up? Might we suggest that instead of a stick you put feathers on each of the ends and transform it into a feather duster! – Go on, do it now while you are reading this! – Then even if you do pick up your stick it will only bring a tickle, much mirth and laughter! –

With all the universes love Emmanuel xxx

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The Invitation

My friends, let me impress upon you how solidly you are planted in eternity, how brilliantly you can shine in your own physical world. How possible it all is, how beautifully the plan is designed.

In God’s plan no soul is alone, no soul is ever lost and neither are you.. My fellow angels you have never been alone. Even in your darkest days you have had a guardian angel at your side. A companion on this long and sometimes tiring journey.

Come join me in a celebration of life and love. A celebration of your heart’s desire. Your angels await you in the waiting room of eternity. Do you dare to express the true majesty of who you are?

Then come join us in the transformation of this world. Together we can move mountains, together we can change the world, together we can re-create heaven on earth.

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Remembering where you put your angel’s wings

Dearest ones as I have told you many times you are of course angels in human form. Your job is not to be perfect or purely divine, it is to bring together the angel and human into one..

To function within your reality it is important to follow ones heart, and be the truth of who you are, but also to pay your bills that need to be paid. It is not one or the other it is both.. And so you are both.

Both an angel and a human.

So, I hear you saying “well Emmanuel where is the trick you promised for remembering where I put my angel wings?” – I have just given it to you.

Stop trying to be perfect, stop putting yourselves down, you are doing WONDROUS work you brilliant angel you! We marvel at you and the amazing things you do in difficult circumstances right now on your planet. So keep the faith and celebrate your human frailties in all their glory.

Please, give yourselves a break and let yourselves off, and then it will be much more easy to remember where you put your angels wings.

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There are no ledgers in heaven

Dearly beloveds, when will you realise that there are no ledgers kept in heaven? We do not have lists of the ‘good boys and good girls or the bad boys or bad girls’ – you are all perfection expressing itself. You are perfect, and hear this… You have never done anything wrong. Let me just repeat that… you have NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG.

Oh if you were only to realise the truth of that, to embrace it, to say YES! to it in the moment of now, do you know that you would immediately and wonderfully fall back in love with yourself, so totally and so perfectly that you would know the truth of who you are? So right now, let us do a little exercise together if we might – write yourself a list on a piece of paper.. on one side write all the good things about yourself and on the other side write the things that you believe should be kept in the imaginary ledgers against you. When you have done so, firstly notice that there is probably one side longer than then other… But do not fear, for I wish for you to tear the piece of paper in half. And put the side of fear, the side that tells you that you are bad or naughty or incomplete into your hands scrumple it up and put in the bin.. Does that feel good dearest one? – Now what is left??

Why the other side of course.. imagine if that remaining side were the totality of how you are? Just as it is now the totality of the paper – Could you imagine a life with fear removed? Could you imagine how wonderful your life would be? Can you now begin to see how wonderful and maginficent YOU really are??

Dearest ones, when we that walk with you SEE you, all we see is that side of the paper – the love, the beauty, the angel, the beacon of light here to aid in the transformation of this planet. There are no errors, no faults, no mistakes.. only human frailties. Embrace your humanity, love your frailties. You are perfect just the way you are. Can you embrace your magnificence? Can you accept the truth of who you are? For in truth you are only good, you are perfect and infinitely loveable just the way you are…

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Loves’s Mission

Dearest ones, let me remind you first and foremost of the truth of who you are. You are angels of light, beacons that will take the world that you are living in forwards into the next step in its evolution. You are a new force for good in the world, you are part of the army of love here to help in the transformation of your planet.

Yes, I did indeed say army.. you read correctly but do not fear this word, it simply means that you are in the service of LOVE on this planet. Jesus lead an army of love many years ago, and now it is time to amass the troops and march once more in the name of LOVE. It is time for the next generation of love, the all powerful, the all consuming power of LOVE. It is time to bring more LOVE into this planet. The time is now…

Do not wait until tomorrow, do not wait until you feel you are ready. You are lovers all of you and as one of your dear poets once said ‘you are made of stars’. You are made of the same stuff as that of the universe for the very fabric of the universe is love. It is ALL LOVE, and when YOU LOVE, yourself and others you are helping to change the world. Seriously I do not say this lightly, as you LOVE you change the world.

The power of love is no small thing, and neither are you. You are a magnificent being of light, a magnificent being of LOVE. So today and this week remember that.. and send out the ripples of love into the world, into the universe, that is your purpose, that is your mission..

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