Be the LIGHT

I know that for many of you right now your planet feels as if it is in shadow, as if it is sinking into darkness like day turning to night, but I promise you this is not the case!

When you are in shadow it is difficult to see beyond its reach, fear comes in does it not? And whispers into your ear that if you are not careful that soon all will be infected with the dark tendrils of shadow, that darkness will consume all! But again I promise you this is not the case.

It is all a matter of perspective, when you are IN the darkness of course it feels all consuming but when you take a step back, a step up out of that darkness, you can see it for what it is, merely illusionary shadow dancing across the stage of your planet. Like clouds that cross and block out the sun, the shadow is only a cursory break from the sun that will inevitably shine again once the cloud has passed. So now is the time to learn to cloud-bust!

How does one bust the clouds of fear, the threat of darkness and fear? Simple my dear sweet angel.. BE THE LIGHT.

Already their are millions on your planet being the light, and when you decide to be the light too, so the balance begins to shift, the shadows begin to dissipate and the earth lights up. From where I am, I wish to tell you that actually your planet is more LIGHT than DARK, those millions of light bulbs are brightening not dimming your planet and yes I know that fear tells you that things are getting worse, but I promise you once again this is not the case! From where I stand I see all that ever was and where are you now? You are far further along the path to a heaven on earth than you think. And no, I am not being sentimental, I am not being romantic, I am speaking TRUTH. Right now you are further along the path than you have ever been in your evolutionary history.

So why not take that next step on that path? Why not let your light shine more brightly? Why not banish the shadows in your life?
How does one do that? How does one BE THE LIGHT?
SIMPLE – just do one thing a day that brings the light to another, one moment of kindness, one caring thought, one thoughtful action, one heart-opening sharing, one prayer, one act of compassion. Each time you give when your heart is open, so that turns up your inner light, re-enforces your connection to your angel-self and with the ALL THAT IS.

You are an ambassador of LOVE upon this planet, and you are a BRINGER OF THE LIGHT. So bring that light to those around you, but also to yourself. Be kind to you, be generous to you, be loving to YOU. By BEING THE LIGHT you are bringing light not only to your immediate friends, family, and community, but also helping to illuminate the whole world! BE THE LIGHT dear sweet angel.. be the light. Much love you all! Emmanuel <3 <3

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Don’t be downhearted, there’s so much love coming your way!

I know that at times life can get you down, it can feel like a struggle, but I promise you it is not designed that way. We do not send you struggle, we send you LOVE.

It is easy to feel that you must deal with everything you face, that at the end of the day it is you who must do what needs to be done, but I promise you this is not the case! The only thing you need do is.. (and I suggest that you do this right now as you are reading this) stop, whatever you are doing right now, just stop.

Be still. Close your eyes and breathe. Become aware of the light that is coming, starting to light up from within your spiritual heart, your human chest. Breathe into that light and connect. This is the connection to the all that is, it is the bridge from our world to yours. It is like a power plug and that power is LOVE a universal adaptor that allows you to plug into the POWER OF GOD’S LOVE. So PLUG IN, and allow the bridge of LOVE to flow freely.

When the doorway to your heart, the bridge into your body is closed then it is much harder for us to give you the love that you need to top up your internal fuel tanks of love. It is hard for us to stoke the fires that allow your light to shine more brightly.

We ARE here and we are HERE always ready with our hearts wide open to shine the light of LOVE upon you, to share the limitless LOVE of the universe that is yours to receive. Are you ready now? Are you plugged in, your bridge reconnected and open for us?

You should feel a warm glow in your chest now as the flow of LOVE from us to you begins. Feel that warmth as it grows and spreads within your body. Notice the light that is beginning to emenate from within you, it is growing in strength, you are beginning to shine are you not?

Let that light shine, let the love that is flowing to you now fill you up. Fill your fuel tank of LOVE right up! Can you feel it? Are you full yet? Do not worry we have more than enough.. the ‘ALL THAT IS’ has plenty to share! Allow God’s love to fill you – heart, mind, body and soul.

You are a child of god, remember that, and as such God is willing to feed you with his love, and we the ambassadors of that LOVE are here ready to fill you!

SO LET LOVE IN, AND LET THAT LOVE SHINE. Now you are full, share that love with those you love, and let the love that is within you, reach out across the oceans to those you have not even met yet. Don’t be downhearted – when you stop, breathe and reconnect, you’ll find there is SO MUCH LOVE COMING YOUR WAY! All my love, Emmanuel <3 <3

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Balance – bringing it all together

Right now upon your planet, there is a constant pressure to keep on going, to keep on working, to do more, to fit everything into your precious days. There is a lot of talk of getting back in balance, but what does balance really mean?

Balance is not about doing this and not doing that, balance is about bringing everything together so that you feel more harmonious and in balance. So balance is not about pushing things away but integrating things in a way that allows you to feel more free, to feel more in control, to breathe and yes, relax. When was the last time you truly relaxed? When you stopped and did nothing, until you got bored of doing nothing?

It’s time to stop and re-assess how you are running your life. Perhaps now is the time to stop RUNNING your life and start WALKING your life! – When you slow down, your perspective comes back and you are able to see what is working for you and what is not. When everything is at break-neck speed there is just no ‘time’ to see what is really going on and no ‘time’ to react or make a decision to stop doing what is not working for you.

So.. what is balance?

Balance is bringing back into harmony, it is bringing in things that are needed and letting go of the need to do things that aren’t working. So if you find that you are working on a sunday evening, why not stop working early on a wednesday afternoon? If you are finding there’s no time for you, why not use your own diary to diary IN time with yourself? If you find that you’re always running out of energy, why not introduce things that GIVE you energy into your working week?

All of you reading this right now are out of balance in some way. You might be working too hard, you might be putting everyone else first, you might just be tired and worn out. Isn’t it time that you considered another way? Isn’t it ‘time’ that you considered opting out of the world’s manic pace for just a small amount of time? Isn’t it time to bring your talents skills and gifts that you were born with into your lives?

Bring in the GOOD STUFF, the stuff that fuels your inner fuel tank of LOVE. The things that make you feel GOOD, make you feel ALIVE, make you feel that you are on purpose and on the right path. When your heart sings, THAT is when you KNOW that your life is in balance. The heart’s melody IS your balance compass, it will point you to a place where you can be spiritual, earthly, angelic and human.

It’s not an easy balancing act, it is not easy to bring your-selves into harmony and yet for your own sakes, for your own well-being, NOW is the ‘time’ to stop and reflect. NOW is the ‘time’ to bring your lives back into balance. So consider this a homework and ‘work in progress’ it’s not something that will change over night, but it is something that will make a considerable difference to how your life feels. I love you, and I am at your service always. All my love – Emmanuel xxx

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Happy New Year – a new year’s message from Emmanuel

My dear sweet angels, now one year is behind you, let this be a time for setting your intention for the year to come. Remember, you are the authors of your story, noone else, and so it comes to you to decide HOW you would like the coming year, your next chapter in the story of your lives to be!

It’s an exciting time of year, mainly because the year awaits ahead of you waiting to be shaped. How will you shape yours? What will you write into your next chapter? The universe is awaiting your direction, your lives are awaiting your direction.

What will you put into 2017? Might I suggest and proffer that you add a little fun and perhaps a little lightness? There has been too much solemnity and too much darkness in your lives recently so let 2017 be a year to bring the light and the joy back into your lives.There will be habits that you will want to let go of, and new exciting things you will wish to bring in.

This time at the commencement of the year is the time to write the story YOU wish to live out. So if you are willing, why not sit down for a moment and write the next chapter of your life? What sort of adventures do you wish to have? What new experiences do you wish to explore? What do want to bring in, and what would you like to leave behind in the last chapter? This is a time of renewal, a time of making a new commitment to your-selves. A time to make a promise to to you to live life to the full and make sure that you are full of life!

I invite you to dare to create a new storyline, one that brings you fun, lightness, joy and delight! Remember that I, and your angels are ALWAYS with you, so as you write, know we are with you, helping you to dare to dream, to know that ALL IS POSSIBLE (for surely it truly is!) – So dear sweet angel, may all your dreams come to fruition, may all those that you love be happy, at peace, and full of love. May 2017 be the year that you let your light shine more fully! – All my love Emmanuel

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The greatest gift this Christmas..

This Christmas, remember, that the greatest gift of all.. is you! Yes you, the angel reading this, you are a gift to the world!

Remember that.. and let your light shine freely. When you light up, you light up the world. So burn brightly dear sweet angel you, let your love show.. let your love show. You are the greatest gift that anyone could ask for this christmas, so give yourself fully and completely. Remembering to top your own fuel tank of love up – let yourself be the gift that keeps on giving, not just to others, but to yourself too.

We your angels, want to thank you for all that you have done, are doing and being. Keep on shining, keep on believing, and keep on being the wonderful you that you are!

All our love Emmanuel and your angels xxx

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Death does not exist

Today I bring some joyous news that will surprise some of you greatly, death.. does NOT exist.

I know that on your planet Death is a taboo word, it is not something to be discussed and so here I am, bringing it up for discussion, because you have some fundamental misunderstandings about this thing called ‘death’.

Death is not the end, it is the beginning of the next chapter, it is the next breath, the next biggest breath into a new life without a physical form. Death should be more accurately called ‘the next breath’ or ‘the day I left my body’ because actually that is more in keeping with the reality of death.

Love cannot die, and so although your body stops working, that which is within you, your spirit, your angel-self or soul-self cannot die.

The vehicle in which you came, the physical body, that ages and has a limited life span. Just like the car you drive there comes a point where it is time to let the car go, it no longer functions as it used to, its time to replace it with something more useful. And indeed it is similar with what you call death, you leave your body and merge into the great self you have always been.

This ‘new’ vehicle is not so tight fitting, not so creaky at the joints, and has far less wrinkles! This is your angel body, your soul-self, your light body.

When you take your last breath in form, you are released from the tight constrictions of the physical body and you can take your next breath into your a body without form, one that is as big as the world as you know it and beyond. You merge back into the LOVE that you came from.

There is no pain at death and it is nothing to be afraid of – It is merely the next breath and it is the most wonderful of experiences! Imagine if you will the most amazingly happy, joyous experience you have ever had. Imagine the most loved up, exciting and ecstatic feeling you ever had.. now multiply that ten-fold and you have some kind of approximation of just how joyous and freeing it is to leave your body.

I know that those of you who are left behind, miss the physical form of your loved ones, but know this, they have not gone anywhere! They have merely left their body, but they will not leave you – oh no, they are with you, of this you can be certain. Love never dies, and love will never leave you. They have merely transformed form, they are the caterpillar that has metamorphosed into the butterfly. They are free.

Spend a moment now, and you will feel their wings as they flutter, listen carefully and you will hear their messages of love for you. They are still with you, they are just in a different form now. Now they ARE the LOVE that you once shared, and now they are that LOVE they can love you all the more, and you can tap into that LOVE whenever you wish to..

..and remember this, when your body ‘dies’ you do not ‘die’ alone, oh no, all your angels, all your loved ones that have left their bodies before you, they are there to help you with the transition to your new chapter. They help you with your wings, and teach you how to fly again.

I hope this has given a little clarity on that taboo subject called death, and I hope that you will use this message to re-connect with those you love that have ‘died’ and feel their loving presence – much love Emmanuel xxx

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Changing the world – one step at a time

It may seem to you that to change the world is an impossible task. How can I really make a difference? I’m just one person, can I really change the world? The answer is simple – YES YOU CAN!

To change the world, just do ONE thing, one SIMPLE thing and you will in your own action be helping to change the world. Small steps, simple actions can become great leaps. Don’t keep your difference making actions to yourself, SHARE them.

Now on your planet with the wonders of the inter-web and social-networks you can share your good deeds, your kindnesses, your social action, your community care and call others to follow your lead. If you move into action, if you do even the smallest kindness for another and share it, then it encourages others to follow your lead.

Kindness is infectious, it ripples out into the universe and sends ripples across the inter-web that stirs, in those that read of your selfless actions, the heart response that says ‘YES!’ , “Yes, to doing something to change the world” and ‘YES I REALLY CAN’.

So we, your angels encourage you to do something however small, do it with your friends, do it with your family, do it with your children. Show them that this world can be a kind, generous, loving and compassionate place. By doing these simple things you ARE Changing the world, one step at a time, and remember that by taking that step you are leaving a path for others to follow.

If you all took just one step, all of you who are reading this, well, dearest ones that would be one GREAT LEAP would it not? So take that step, go do what you can to change the world for someone and by changing their world.. even if for just one single moment, you ARE changing the world.

We love you, you know, very much! All our love, Emmanuel and your angels xxx

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Keep Up the Good Work!

I know that right now many of you are facing challenges. Things that are apparently stopping you from the abundance that is there waiting just for you. And I want today to encourage you to keep on going.

I know, I know it feels as if you have been ‘keeping on going’ for a long time now, and I’m asking you for one more push! How dare I??! And yet, How dare I not, because you need to hear that you ARE succeeding, that you ARE doing the right thing, that you ARE doing what is asked of you and we are SO VERY GRATEFUL.

Its not easy being an angel and human both. Its not easy to keep on fighting for what is right, fighting the good fight, bringing the light to the darkness. I know at times you struggle, I know at times you doubt. I know at times that you fear of what is to come. We feel your pain, we hear your cries and entreaties for help and I am here to tell you that you have been heard, that we DO listen and that we are HERE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW.

It doesn’t matter what you do, or how big your audience is, what matters is that you do what you do with purpose, with passion and with love. Your work is being noticed, more than that it is being applauded by all of us that walk with you and more. So keep up the good work, and what wonderful work it is!

Do it because it is what you are here to do, because you couldn’t do anything else, because it just feels right to do it. Rewards come from the most unexpected places, do not assume that you know what the universe has in store for you, do not presume to second guess the ALL THAT IS. The ALL THAT IS has only your best interests at heart, and we the angels that walk with you are working tirelessly to ensure that those best interests are served.

So stay open for miracles, be prepared for that which is to come and know that you are ABSOLUTELY on the right track and doing the right thing.

Keep up the good work my dear sweet angel, and oh, what sweet, deliciously wonderful work it is! Thank you for all that you are, thank you for doing all that you do, and thank you for being YOU.

We love you, we really do.

Love Emmanuel and your angels xxx

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Today is the day to believe in YOU

Belief is a strange thing is it not? It is easy to believe in others, but less so to truly trust and believe in your own dear sweet selves. It is easy to be kind to others, to love others, to believe in them, and yet when it comes to you, you are not so forthcoming and loving and kind..

I wanted you to know that I and those that angels that walk with you ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE IN YOU.

We have no doubt that you are a walking ambassador of love upon your planet, yes.. YOU the angel that is reading this RIGHT NOW!

We have faith in you, and we have faith in the whole of mankind.

I know that at times it may appear that the world has gone a little crazy, that darkness is beginning to prevail, but I promise you that it is not. Sure their are shadows upon your planet, but when the sun shines so brightly as it does today are there not always areas of shadow and darkness? It is important to get everything back into perspective and from where I stand there is more light than darkness not only upon your planet but in YOU.

If you were to ask your friends, your children, your family if THEY believed in you? They would almost to a fault say OF COURSE WE DO SILLY!! So isn’t it time that you began to have faith in yourself? To trust yourself more fully, to yes.. I will say it – LOVE YOURSELF MORE FULLY? Isn’t it time to dive into the ocean of love that you ARE and say YES?! You are so beautiful you know, you are a magnificent angel, you are god made manifest upon your planet, you are quite literally HEAVEN ON EARTH. So what better time than NOW to say YES to who you really are, say YES to your imperfections, your human frailties, say YES to the LOVE that called you here in the first place, say YES to daring to follow your dreams and YES to all that you have been, are right now and all that you are BECOMING.

You are a blossom beginning to bud, a beautiful flower breathing in the rays of the sun, waiting for the call of LOVE to bloom. Well here is that call, the sun is shining, the phone is ringing.. will you answer it?

‘Hello?’ You say as you pick up the receiver..

‘Hello dear sweet angel’ comes the reply, ‘are you ready to believe in you?’ it enquires, with a voice so sweet, so filled with love that it is impossible to resist.

“You know what?” you reply with a rush of excitement “I do believe i AM!”

and with that the whole universe bursts into spontaneous applause and angels dance in the hallways of eternity!

Today another angel gets its wings, today another beacon of light is lit upon your planet, today you dared to believe in YOU. So go on, we, your angels dare you, we believe in you.. so TODAY (not tomorrow or the next day but TODAY!) is the day to start believing in YOU. Oh what fun awaits you, when you just BELIEVE!

All my love Emmanuel xxx

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Loving the unkown

One of the difficult things about being human is that you come with this thing attached, built into the body you inhabit, that is called your mind, and in that mind of yours resides the ego. The ego likes to KNOW everything, the mind likes to figure out where everything is coming from and to.

Now don’t get me wrong ego and the mind are essential to survive on your planet, but not something that helps you to thrive! You humans are conditioned early on that if you don’t know something that is ‘bad’, its important to ‘know’ things and that knowledge is power. However true power exists beyond knowledge, in the wisdom of the ages, in the truth that is impossible to know.

Many people are so busy trying to figure life out, trying to know what is happening and why, that they are missing life entirely. It feels like one test after another, one problem to mull over and attempt to solve before another comes your way. But you see this is somewhat missing that which is there, here and now in front of you and laid out before you. The universe doesn’t work in linear lines, simple logical equations, it just IS. Its not a step by step process, a+b does not necessarily = ab, it could be a,b,c or d or indeed any number of possibilities as the universe is a place of limitless potential.

Its not your job to figure out what life is ‘doing to you’ or where the next thing in your life is coming from. You don’t need to know where the next bit of money is coming from, the next job, the next relationship, the next bump in the road, the next joyous cause of celebration. Your job, your only job is to enjoy each precious moment of your life.

Love it, like you love your beloved.

Let it be, let it flow, be a perfect part of it, but don’t try to figure it out, leave that to US. The universe is infinitely wiser (and quite a bit bigger) than your ‘know it all’ mind, so trust it, and trust in us those angels that walk with you to help make it all work.

Note I’m not saying that you be passive.. be active, be active in LOVING life and LOVING THE UNKNOWN.

Its OK not to know – whatever happened to ‘delighting in the mysteries of life?’ – life isn’t meant to be perfect, its meant to be lived. So live your life, IN LOVE. Live this moment, the next moment and the next. Get over your need to know everything, to figure it all out, or you’ll just give yourself a headache!!

Its time to let it go, and trust that the ALL THAT IS has it far better mapped out and figured out than you could ever possibly imagine it yourself. Trust me when I say, that right now there’s something waiting for you, so stop thinking, stop your worrying and start being.

I love you all.. keep smiling, and keep on loving the adventure. All my love, Emmanuel xxx

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