What are you here for?

I am here today to remind you that you are here for a reason. There is no accident in you being here upon this planet at this time. There is much going on in your world, the planet is in transition, and so right now if there is both darkness and light – you will see the best examples of how to be and the worst examples of how you could be. So going forward how do YOU choose to be?

Right now you are being asked – what are you here for? – are you here to bring the light or allow the darkness? Are you here to be a follower or here to be a leader? You are absolutely here to help bring the light to those that you come into contact with, to light the darkness so that others can find their way. You are here to show that fear is not a leader that is worth following but that love is always a better and more powerful option, that compassion, not oppression is the way!

You are an angel in human form, and as such you are here to help fight the darkness and bring the light wherever and whenever you can – the time for passivity is past, it is time to action and stand up for what you believe in. Will you make a stand for love? Do you support those who spread fear, or those who spread love and understanding?

Use your voice and your actions as a force for GOOD, look to the future and be the change you wish to see upon this planet and encourage others by your actions and by your support, compassion and love.

You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine, so do not play small – step into your magnificence and step into the all powerful LOVE that is always inside of you and all around you. The ALL THAT IS invites you today to remember what you are here for, today you are being asked to come back to your purpose, your mission – you are here as part of the Army of LOVE – to help with the transformation of your planet to a heaven on earth – so today choose LOVE not fear and help to fulfil your divine purpose

Remember we are always here to support you in your journey so call on us anytime – all my love Emmanuel & your angels ❤️😇

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Angels come in all shapes and sizes

My dear sweet angel, did you know that Angels come in all shapes and sizes?

On your planet right now there are literally MILLIONS of angels. Some are new born, some are older and wiser, some have wealth some are poorer than a church mouse. Some are big, some are small, some are short and some.. are tall! There are some right now in your town’s streets, there are some in your bedroom at night when you sleep. There are angels that have wings, and those that are in form, there are angels all around you, there is no ‘angel norm’. So look with the eyes of LOVE, and see that angels they are here, there and everywhere – not up in the heavens or nowhere!

Angels come in all shapes and sizes, they cover ever nation, every colour, every creed. So next time you meet someone, remember that they are an angel inside, oh yes, indeed.

We love you, so very much.
Stay open to the angels that are around you,

Emmanuel xxx

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It’s OK to have FUN, it’s more than OK.. it’s part of why you’re here!

There is so much fear upon your planet, that you sometimes forget that actually life is an ADVENTURE.

Sure, at times all adventures have scary bits, have bits you’d rather forget about, bits you wish you’d never started or got into, and are well… adventuresome! But please remember that adventures are also exciting, they make you laugh, they’re amazing, beautiful, moving and they’re designed to be FUN!

So remember that LIFE is an adventure, it’s not meant to be hard work ALL the time, it’s not meant to be taken TOO SERIOUSLY. Lighten up, laugh more and PLAY MORE. You are the otters of the universe, playful & adventuresome.

Remember the adventures you used to have in the garden or in the woods when you were children? Do you remember how much FUN those adventures were??

Life is such an adventure, so what will you do this Easter to bring the FUN back into your adventure, into your LIFE? It’s not as hard as you think it is, it’s much easier than you can imagine – if all else fails, might I suggest an easter bonnet or a pair of rabbit ears? – look at yourself in the mirror, see the glint in your eye, the mischievous, brilliance as it dances across your face and raises a smile. Look into your eyes, see the flicker recognition of the ridiculousness of it all and the realisation that actually LIFE IS PRETTY GOOD really – and that it’s OK to have FUN, no actually it’s more than OK – it’s a part of why you’re here!!

Have a wonderful Easter you fun loving ANGELS! All my love EMMANUEL ❤️😇I

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Do you choose the path of FEAR of the path of LOVE?

Right now you’re being asked by the universe, what do you stand for? The universe is asking, where is human evolution right now? What path would you like to take?

There is the path that walks in fear and the path that chooses to walk in LOVE.

Those that advocate the path of fear will tell you that you must protect yourself, that there are dangers that will only grow if you do not take to that path, that fear is the strongest and safest route to follow. It is not. And you know in your heart of hearts you know it is neither safe, nor is it strong to stand in fear and walk in fear.

Think about it for a moment, when you are fearful, when you are afraid are you STRONGER or weaker than when you are in LOVE?

I am talking of the LOVE that is all powerful here, not your romantic version of love – LOVE with a capital L! This is the LOVE that brought the known universe into existence the LOVE that holds it together and makes up it’s very fabric. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be with that kind of force, that kind of energy and that kind of strength – the kind that holds the universe together!!

Walk on the path of LOVE and you walk with god’s hand in yours, you walk with angels at your side and you walk with your fellow man (and woman). There is no separation when you walk on the path of LOVE you see no enemies nothing to be afraid of for you just see friends that you haven’t met yet and find that everyone you do meet seems like a long lost member of your spiritual family.

The time for separation and individuality is past, it’s time to come together, to stand together to tell those in POWER (and yes, they do walk that path of fear, they do believe in what FEAR tells them) that enough is enough – it’s time for a different way, time to take a different path. One that leads to safety, true power and a planet where no longer will you be afraid to go to school, walk at night in your neighbourhood or talk to a stranger in the street. Where you can be yourself, where you can be free. Where there is community, for there is common cause – a desire to make the world a better place. Is that not ultimately what everyone wants? No-one as they wake in the morning thinks – ‘today I will do what I can to destroy the world, to make it a worse place for everyone’ – That.. is simply just not the case. And although there are those that are a little lost and maybe a little misguided, because they have wondered a little too far down the path of fear, there is no-one who given the opportunity would choose to make the world a worse place – They just don’t know HOW to make it better and when you are on the path of fear it is fear that guides you, and fear is an awful travelling companion and an even worse counsel and guide!

The path of LOVE on the other hand has your own inner wisdom and TRUTH as your guide. The heart shows the way and love lights the path ahead. On the Path of LOVE there are no boundaries, no restrictions, whatever your colour, creed, beliefs, sexuality – whatever you have done in the past, whatever you perceive to have done that is SO wrong, on the path of LOVE you are all welcome and you are ALL SAFE.

You are being asked RIGHT NOW what do you stand for? You stand at a cross-roads – a choice point in the evolution of the WHOLE of HUMANITY. Do you turn towards FEAR or move graciously towards LOVE – which path do you choose?

This weekend, as you are with those that you LOVE do SOMETHING To announce to the universe that YOU STAND FOR LOVE, that you CHOOSE LOVE – and let ME know, what you did for LOVE this weekend! All my love – Emmanuel ❤️

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Don’t delay, reconnect with your ANGELS today!

Your human life is beautifully and elegantly entwined with so many others – the interdependence and interconnectivity of life is at the core of what it is to be human, to live fully and totally is to understand that all is connected.

You are not alone.

You are always in some way connected to your family, your friends, your children, your partner. What you do in your life affects their lives in one way or another. This, it is understandable for the human intellect to grasp AND it is important to know that you are not just connected to that which is in form, but also the FORMLESS too. You are always at a cellular level connected to the ALL THAT IS (what some of you may call GOD) because at the sub-atomic level there is no separation, there is only connection. This is true not just of the people around you but of ALL people and everything that is upon your planet.

The ancient inhabitants of your planet understood that they were connected to all things and that god (the all that is) was also in all things. So when you see beauty in the sun on a crisp winters morning or the beauty in a storm as it causes the waves to crash against the cliffs or the beauty in the perfection of the design of a leaf, a flower, a plant – so you are re-connecting with the ultimate source of life and vitality on your planet and indeed across the universes, you are connecting with SOURCE, with the ALL THAT IS.

Beauty is a bridge and nature is a way to reconnect with that essential energy, that vital force that created the universe as you know it. It still exists today, all around you and within you. It is the light that is within, the love that you share and the unquenchable fire that burns deep inside you. God is in all things and god in those things is always with you.

You see you are not on this journey through human existence alone – you are not a solo traveller, you have many companions on that journey. Yes there are those that are IN form – your friends, your family, your partner – but there are also those that are not in human form but that are just as real that walk with you and have done so since the moment you were born. These are your guardian angels and each and everyone of you reading this have angels that are standing beside and behind you who are also reading this with you!

You see when you come into form, into what is initially an alien world, it is important that you have friends with you for the journey. Angel brothers and sisters that are assigned to you at birth to stay with you every step of the way through this adventure called LIFE. When you first open your eyes, you see not only your birth mother, but you see the angels that are with you. They are there to remind you of home and to let you know that although this world is very strange that there is a familiarity and that it is safe and all part of the experience. They make you feel at home even though home feels so very far away.

Together in your infancy they help you and guide you and support you until you have got used to the idiosyncracies of human life. Then it is only natural as you believe more and more in your own humanity and the illusions of the world that you lose sight of the angels that walk with you, that you forget that they are with you.

So now I am here to remind you.. that Guardian Angels are not just for the early years, but for ALL YOUR LIFE. They have never left your side – They are still with you, they have been with you every step of your life.

So now I have reminded you of this.. (do you not feel that light-bulb moment of recognition, the resonance of truth as I say that?) use this moment, right now to RECONNECT with the Angels that walk with you.

It is not hard, it is VERY EASY! – merely say ‘good morning/good afternoon my angels!’ and say ‘I know it has been a while, but I would very much like to have you back in my life, I invite you to co-create this adventure called life with me, now and all days going forward’. With this simple invitation, so the angels that walk with you are now able to help, guide and support you to be your best. To catch you when you fall, and help you to find your purpose and fulfil your mission here on the planet.

They are your bestest friends, your eternal friends – so call on them, not just in despair and loneliness and times fo strife, but in the good times, the fun and exciting times. The more you connect with them, the more you will be able to connect with the ANGEL-SELF that is within you and as you connect more deeply to that, so you become aware of the infinite interconnectedness of the ALL THAT IS. You start to rest in that place, that place called LOVE and eventually you become that LOVE and merge into the ALL THAT IS. But that is most likely some way away yet, but your ANGELS? They are no distance at all, they are right here, right now with each and everyone of you reading this.

So reach out to them, make contact because you are never alone, you ALWAYS have your guardian angels – So don’t delay, RECONNECT with your Angels TODAY! – all my love Emmanuel ❤️😇❤️❤️

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Emmanuel’s new year message – Remember what’s it’s really all about

My dear sweet angel, as you begin another year in this wonderful adventure called life, I want to remind you to remember what life is really all about.

It’s about remembering who you really are, it’s about learning and growing, laughing and loving. It’s about remembering why you are here and uncovering/discovering the gifts and talents that you were born with so that you might share them with the world and help transform it into a heaven on earth. It’s about kindness, forgiveness and most of all it is about LOVE.

LOVE is really all it is about and all that you are about.

YOU ARE LOVE MADE MANIFEST, you are quite literally a HEAVEN ON EARTH so your mere presence helps with the transformation of the planet. So remind yourself, (on a regular basis) that life isn’t about being busy or about working hard or about possessions or the ‘stuff’ of life, it’s about being true to yourself and carving your own path. A path that leads to not only your own ultimate freedom, but frees others too as they follow your example and are helped along their paths too.

You are an angel of the light, you are a light-bringer. Share your light, share your truth as you uncover it, share your talents, skills and gifts freely with all those that need them and most importantly share your LOVE – not only to others but also with your self

-Now, that’s quite enough ‘remember-ing’ for one day – now go out and enjoy that adventure called life!! – may this year be one that gets you closer to the truth of who you are and may 2018 be a year that brings you true joy in your heart ❤️All my love Emmanuel😇

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The answer is LOVE

That answer you were looking for??

…It’s LOVE

It’s always LOVE…

LOVE is the answer to everything because LOVE is everything”

Emmanuel xxxx

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All you can do is do your best, it does matter, everything matters!

There are times at which you will feel as though you’ve given your all but it doesn’t feel like it is enough, that it hasn’t ‘sunk in’, that it hasn’t done what you’d hoped. But do not worry, because as long as you know that you have done your best, then that is enough.

Do not measure yourself by other people, or by apparent impact, measure yourself by what you know in your heart to be true – that you did your best – who could ask for anything more? We angels certainly don’t and neither does the universe!

Honestly you humans are so very hard on yourselves, you expect miracles and do not understand just how impactful and inspirational you are.

Sometimes the ground on which you are sowing is fertile and other times it is not as fertile and so perhaps there is not as much apparent growth as you think. But this is merely your own perception, you do not see the seed as it lands and begins to germinate, you are not there long enough in many cases to see the difference your kindness, your diligence, your care, your guidance, your support makes longer term. You cannot WATCH a seed grow, you must keep on observing OVER time.

Because us angels are out of time we can see just the longer term effect of all that you do.. so please keep on doing what you’re doing we promise you it is TRULY making such a difference!!

Change does not happen overnight, and so it is that you must be kinder to yourselves and know that your best IS enough.

When you are doing purposeful work, when you are here to help with the transformation of the planet, this is not something that will happen in the next minutes, next hours, next day, next week, or even perhaps in your lifetime.It is one small act of kindness and one offered hand of support at a time.

I promise that although you may not see it, you DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We are so very proud and thankful for ALL THAT YOU ARE and ALL THAT YOU DO in service. Know that although you do not see it, the seeds ARE landing, they are beginning to germinate and with grace and perfect cosmic timing they will begin to grow.

Look not at what happens NOW but what will be. You ARE a force for GOOD and you are a perfect ambassador of LOVE upon this planet. So keep on fighting the good fight, keep on spreading the light and the LOVE. We are with you every step of the way and we applaud your every step! We love you, never forget that.. All our Love Emmanuel and your Angels


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Take your time, really.. there’s no hurry!

Upon your planet there seems to be this desire to get everything done faster and faster. Indeed it would seem that even the spiritual path must be traversed more quickly and speedily. But I am here to remind you that there is no hurry, in fact you have a lifetime (and more) to find your way home and journey back into your heart to the truth of who you are.

There is a great freedom to be found in silence, in nothingness, in stillness. There is great space to be found in the quiet moments, in the long, drawn out moments of eternity that are awaiting you when you dare to stop and listen.

Real evolution, real progress takes time.. takes a lifetime (or two, or three!) So don’t worry about figuring it all out now, you don’t have to know EVERYTHING, in fact one of the greatest delights of being human is NOT knowing, accepting that there are some things that cannot be known, the great mysteries of life are not there to be “GOT’ or ‘ATTAINED’ they are there to help you question, to wonder, to think, to breathe, to LIVE!

Remember, it’s not a competition, there is no reward for being first past the post, the finishing line does not have to be got to as quickly as possible because in reality there is no finishing line, there is only the slow inevitable realisation that this LIFE that you are trying so hard to whizz through IS YOUR CURRICULUM, IT IS YOUR JOURNEY HOME. So take more moments to LIVE THAT LIFE more fully and more in your heart.

To understand and accept the truth of who you really are, requires patience, persistence and acceptance. It’s not a race, it’s GRACE that gets you there. It’s not the mind, not the badge, not the NEXT, but what’s HERE NOW, before you and within you.

You are a beautiful, magnificent ANGEL, please know that – and in this moment you are perfect just the way you are. So why not spend your precious time in that MOMENT, loving who you are and loving all those that are around you. There is no better time than now to stop and as my dear friend Ram Dass says – BE HERE, NOW.

If you wish to get ‘enlightened’ then LIGHTEN UP, LAUGH and make the most of every moment. Slow down, relax and all will reveal itself in good time – love the adventure of being human and enjoy every precious experience that life sends you.

I love you all, so very much and I look forward to being with you in those quiet moments – all my love Emmanuel   

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