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Christmas greetings you wondrous Angel you!

At this festive time of year, it is a time for family, for joy, for love. It’s also a time to be thankful for all that you have, and be generous in your giving not just to your own nearest and dearest, but for those that do not have what you have.

Remember not just in your prayers but in your actions and your deeds this Christmas time those that perhaps do not have enough to eat, or do not have a roof over their heads – Those that are on the street this Christmas with only a doorway to call home and a few personal possessions to call their own.

So this Christmas, why not forgo that extra present and give a warm drink, a friendly smile, a meal, a bit of your time to someone who is in need.

Christmas is about family, but it also about your wider family – the soul family, the family that is called your community – not all of whom are safe and loved tonight. Put aside just a small amount of money and just a small amount of your time to be with and to help those that are not as loved and safe and cared for as you. Do not walk past them, stop and be with them – if you have a local food bank or soup kitchen, why not offer a little or yours and your families time? – it will remind you and your family of the true meaning of Christmas and it will also remind you of just how loved you all are and will bring you closer together in that LOVE.

LOVE is for everyone – YOUR LOVE is the greatest gift you can give. So GIVE THAT LOVE FREELY ANYWAY YOU CAN THIS CHRISTMAS.

You’ll be so glad you did, this I promise.

Have a wonderful festive period all of you, and know we are with you every single day. All my love Emmanuel xxx

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I come to speak to you today as a messenger of wonderful news. I want to blow away the bastion of fear that is death, and remind you that death is not an end it is a beginning.

Love cannot die, and so therefore that which IS LOVE cannot die. You are love, made manifest and as such you cannot die either. Sure you may drop your physical form, but that is just beginning of the next transformation to being formless (your natural state by the way) and merge back into the ALL THAT IS.

Dying is a joyful experience for the soul – it knows that it is coming home. You are being absorbed back into LOVE, consumed by LOVE, dissolved in LOVE – that which was, becomes what IS – the ALL THAT IS – once again and so the cycle of creation and life is complete and it all begins again.

Death is not something to be feared it is something to be embraced – think of the most wonderful LOVING HUG you ever had, the biggest LOVE you ever experienced, that all encompassing and unconditional LOVE that you just want to melt into and lose yourself in it’s so wonderful to be in – now times that by 1,000 – and now you have some inkling of what the experience you call death is like.

All my love Emmanuel xxxx

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I know, you have heard this statement so many times before – and I am here to share this truth with you again. There is so much fear being spread upon your planet just now, fear is in action – so you must also get into action and be the change you wish to see!

If you want the world to be a kinder place – be kinder. If you wish the world to be a more tolerant place – be more tolerant. If you wish the world to be more accepting and loving – be more accepting and loving. If you want the world to be more generous and more abundant, then be more generous and abundant.

You see you are a microcosm of the macrocosm – what you do & how you are is much more important than you think – you have far greater influence that you can imagine.

There is a tendency to say ‘well what can I do? I’m just one person, how can I change the world?’ – yet EVERYONE is just one person and if EVERYONE or just SOME-PEOPLE started to be the change they wanted to see consistently then the world would change very quickly indeed. Think about this for a moment, how many people do you interact with in an average week? At home, in the office, on-line, in the streets, in your town, in the supermarket, at the restaurant, in the traffic on the motorway, on your phone, in the bar, at school or college? – most of you will have some sort of interaction with 50-100 people in any given week. So how do you choose to BE in those interactions?

Think about the important things you’d like to change in the world – choose ONE of them and start to BE the change you’d like to see. Every interaction, every email, every phone call, every chat, every form of communication, every touch, every word – let them all be infused with that CHANGE you’d like to see. Just a simple smile, a kind word, an enthusiastic hello or a grateful thank you can make the world of difference to people and change their day from a blue one to a brighter one!

Remember also that YOU are someone worth your kindnesses too – often it is forgotten that the most important person to be the CHANGE with is yourself! So be gently, loving and compassionate with yourself AND with others – and before you know it the world around you begins to change – it’s a world of smiles, thank you’s, laughter and love – why? Because you are being the change you wish to see, and then.. you SEE IT!

I love each and everyone of you so very much, Emmanuel xxx

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I want to remind you that there is no greater role on your planet than being a guardian to your children, to the angels that are born to you.

As I have mentioned before it is your children that choose YOU are their parents and as such it’s an important role to fulfil. It’s important, but not something to be taken TOO SERIOUSLY – remember the angelic axiom, that life is too important to be taken seriously and you will understand what I am trying to explain.

There is a great burden that can come with parenting if you let your own personal doubts and fears take over, if you think too hard about whether you are being a good parent or not, you’ll miss that all important LIGHTNESS that is so vital to great guardianship. I say guardianship rather than parenting because guardians are what you are. You are the guardian of the angel that was born to you, it is your role to help them to fulfil their potential and realise their purpose in life. It is your job to be confidante, friend & wise counsel absolutely and it is also your role to encourage, motivate and inspire.

Sounding like hard work?

Well, it needn’t be. Just think of yourself as a guardian ANGEL to your little angel. Imagine what your guardian angel would do for you and you’re not far from what being a real parent/guardian is all about.

They will be there when you need them, love you unconditionally, pick you up when you fall down, steer you back in the right direction, help point the way, support you as you go on your adventures, help you to have fun, remind you that life is for the living, make you smile when you are down. But they will never interfere, always have your best interests at heart and do not put their own agendas onto you.

It is YOUR LIFE – and so it is with your children. Of course you will be their to protect, guide, support and love – but ultimately it is not your journey, not your adventure in consciousness but theirs.

Let them make mistakes, was it not the mistakes that you have made that helped shape who you have become? Is it not those same mistakes that have helped you to become stronger and helped you learn some of life’s biggest lessons? Remember, that as a guardian (Angel) you can always be there, anytime, any place, anywhere.

Do not hesitate to laugh, be silly or just have FUN with your children. Remember there is nothing that cannot be healed by a hug, cookies and hot chocolate – your LOVE is all that is required, LOVE that says I Love you just the way you are and I will do all I can to be the best guardian I can, to enable you to grow, learn and uncover the truth of who YOU are.

So let go of being a parent and sign up to be a guardian (angel) for your little angel(s). They’ll love you for it, and you’ll probably feel all the lighter and better for it too

– And remember us angels are always here for you too! All my love, Emmanuel <3

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There are times at which it is inevitable that you doubt, that you fear, that you are caught by the machinations of the mind that tell you that you are ‘not enough’, ‘doing it wrong’, ‘not doing enough’, ‘making mistakes’, ‘failing to fulfil your potential’, ‘being useless’, ‘getting caught again’, ‘failing’. I want to re-iterate that we, the angels that walk with you make no such judgements! We love you, and we applaud everything that you are doing in the difficult circumstances that you find yourselves in on your planet right now.

It’s trying times, and we applaud your TRYING! You are doing admirably well, beyond that we think you are doing MARVELLOUSLY WELL.So celebrate every success, every step forward no matter how small and know that we your angels celebrate with you.

You are doing remarkable work, the world is absolutely a better place for having you walking upon it. So do not listen to the voice of fear, and stay true to who you are.

There is no doubt that now more than ever you are needed upon your planet, so keep the faith, keep on fighting the good fight and keep on believing.

The world is changing one small step at a time, no matter how small that step it IS a step in the right direction.

You are making amazing progress, you are doing god’s work, you are still on course, you are still moving forward – Please remember that, and listen to us when we tell you that we love you and we are grateful for everything that you do and everything that you are.

Keep on purpose, stay true to who you are, for who you are is very magnificent indeed. With all my love, Emmanuel ❤️

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What are you here for?

I am here today to remind you that you are here for a reason. There is no accident in you being here upon this planet at this time. There is much going on in your world, the planet is in transition, and so right now if there is both darkness and light – you will see the best examples of how to be and the worst examples of how you could be. So going forward how do YOU choose to be?

Right now you are being asked – what are you here for? – are you here to bring the light or allow the darkness? Are you here to be a follower or here to be a leader? You are absolutely here to help bring the light to those that you come into contact with, to light the darkness so that others can find their way. You are here to show that fear is not a leader that is worth following but that love is always a better and more powerful option, that compassion, not oppression is the way!

You are an angel in human form, and as such you are here to help fight the darkness and bring the light wherever and whenever you can – the time for passivity is past, it is time to action and stand up for what you believe in. Will you make a stand for love? Do you support those who spread fear, or those who spread love and understanding?

Use your voice and your actions as a force for GOOD, look to the future and be the change you wish to see upon this planet and encourage others by your actions and by your support, compassion and love.

You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine, so do not play small – step into your magnificence and step into the all powerful LOVE that is always inside of you and all around you. The ALL THAT IS invites you today to remember what you are here for, today you are being asked to come back to your purpose, your mission – you are here as part of the Army of LOVE – to help with the transformation of your planet to a heaven on earth – so today choose LOVE not fear and help to fulfil your divine purpose

Remember we are always here to support you in your journey so call on us anytime – all my love Emmanuel & your angels ❤️😇

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Angels come in all shapes and sizes

My dear sweet angel, did you know that Angels come in all shapes and sizes?

On your planet right now there are literally MILLIONS of angels. Some are new born, some are older and wiser, some have wealth some are poorer than a church mouse. Some are big, some are small, some are short and some.. are tall! There are some right now in your town’s streets, there are some in your bedroom at night when you sleep. There are angels that have wings, and those that are in form, there are angels all around you, there is no ‘angel norm’. So look with the eyes of LOVE, and see that angels they are here, there and everywhere – not up in the heavens or nowhere!

Angels come in all shapes and sizes, they cover ever nation, every colour, every creed. So next time you meet someone, remember that they are an angel inside, oh yes, indeed.

We love you, so very much.
Stay open to the angels that are around you,

Emmanuel xxx

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It’s OK to have FUN, it’s more than OK.. it’s part of why you’re here!

There is so much fear upon your planet, that you sometimes forget that actually life is an ADVENTURE.

Sure, at times all adventures have scary bits, have bits you’d rather forget about, bits you wish you’d never started or got into, and are well… adventuresome! But please remember that adventures are also exciting, they make you laugh, they’re amazing, beautiful, moving and they’re designed to be FUN!

So remember that LIFE is an adventure, it’s not meant to be hard work ALL the time, it’s not meant to be taken TOO SERIOUSLY. Lighten up, laugh more and PLAY MORE. You are the otters of the universe, playful & adventuresome.

Remember the adventures you used to have in the garden or in the woods when you were children? Do you remember how much FUN those adventures were??

Life is such an adventure, so what will you do this Easter to bring the FUN back into your adventure, into your LIFE? It’s not as hard as you think it is, it’s much easier than you can imagine – if all else fails, might I suggest an easter bonnet or a pair of rabbit ears? – look at yourself in the mirror, see the glint in your eye, the mischievous, brilliance as it dances across your face and raises a smile. Look into your eyes, see the flicker recognition of the ridiculousness of it all and the realisation that actually LIFE IS PRETTY GOOD really – and that it’s OK to have FUN, no actually it’s more than OK – it’s a part of why you’re here!!

Have a wonderful Easter you fun loving ANGELS! All my love EMMANUEL ❤️😇I

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Do you choose the path of FEAR of the path of LOVE?

Right now you’re being asked by the universe, what do you stand for? The universe is asking, where is human evolution right now? What path would you like to take?

There is the path that walks in fear and the path that chooses to walk in LOVE.

Those that advocate the path of fear will tell you that you must protect yourself, that there are dangers that will only grow if you do not take to that path, that fear is the strongest and safest route to follow. It is not. And you know in your heart of hearts you know it is neither safe, nor is it strong to stand in fear and walk in fear.

Think about it for a moment, when you are fearful, when you are afraid are you STRONGER or weaker than when you are in LOVE?

I am talking of the LOVE that is all powerful here, not your romantic version of love – LOVE with a capital L! This is the LOVE that brought the known universe into existence the LOVE that holds it together and makes up it’s very fabric. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be with that kind of force, that kind of energy and that kind of strength – the kind that holds the universe together!!

Walk on the path of LOVE and you walk with god’s hand in yours, you walk with angels at your side and you walk with your fellow man (and woman). There is no separation when you walk on the path of LOVE you see no enemies nothing to be afraid of for you just see friends that you haven’t met yet and find that everyone you do meet seems like a long lost member of your spiritual family.

The time for separation and individuality is past, it’s time to come together, to stand together to tell those in POWER (and yes, they do walk that path of fear, they do believe in what FEAR tells them) that enough is enough – it’s time for a different way, time to take a different path. One that leads to safety, true power and a planet where no longer will you be afraid to go to school, walk at night in your neighbourhood or talk to a stranger in the street. Where you can be yourself, where you can be free. Where there is community, for there is common cause – a desire to make the world a better place. Is that not ultimately what everyone wants? No-one as they wake in the morning thinks – ‘today I will do what I can to destroy the world, to make it a worse place for everyone’ – That.. is simply just not the case. And although there are those that are a little lost and maybe a little misguided, because they have wondered a little too far down the path of fear, there is no-one who given the opportunity would choose to make the world a worse place – They just don’t know HOW to make it better and when you are on the path of fear it is fear that guides you, and fear is an awful travelling companion and an even worse counsel and guide!

The path of LOVE on the other hand has your own inner wisdom and TRUTH as your guide. The heart shows the way and love lights the path ahead. On the Path of LOVE there are no boundaries, no restrictions, whatever your colour, creed, beliefs, sexuality – whatever you have done in the past, whatever you perceive to have done that is SO wrong, on the path of LOVE you are all welcome and you are ALL SAFE.

You are being asked RIGHT NOW what do you stand for? You stand at a cross-roads – a choice point in the evolution of the WHOLE of HUMANITY. Do you turn towards FEAR or move graciously towards LOVE – which path do you choose?

This weekend, as you are with those that you LOVE do SOMETHING To announce to the universe that YOU STAND FOR LOVE, that you CHOOSE LOVE – and let ME know, what you did for LOVE this weekend! All my love – Emmanuel ❤️

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